The 130th anniversary of Tao Xingzhi Birth is held in Shanghai

The 130th anniversary of Tao Xingzhi Birth is held in Shanghai

Commemorating the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tao Xingzhi (Reporter Zhou Nan) On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Mr. Tao Xingzhi, yesterday, a "future perceived road" theme is known in the area where the old hospital isShanghai Baoshan District’s Know Experimental Middle School.At the scene, the old alumni, the future generations and "Qingtao Project" student representatives have launched a cross-time-space scenario; from Tao Rong’s "My Zeng’s Grandfather Tao Xingzhi" is officially released; "long trianglesYouth Tao Xingzhi Education Research Alliance "started … The event commemorated Tao Xingzhi, which is called" Wan Shi ", is a great people’s educator.

Weng Tiehui, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education attended the event.(Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.

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The "four focuses" of the Organization Department of Leshan Municipal Party Committee implements the spirit of the eighth party congress

The "four focuses" of the Organization Department of Leshan Municipal Party Committee implements the spirit of the eighth party congress

After the eighth representative meeting of the Chinese Communist Leshan City, the Leshan Municipal Party Committee Organization Department has held a suggestion (expansion) meeting, the topic work research meeting, respecting the "345" work ideas around the party congress, in-depth thinking, The four focuses, "as the entry point, put forward the implementation of measures, in order to promote the strength of the city’s high quality development contribution.

Focus on improving political ability.

Focusing on "Adhere to the Comprehensively Strict Party ‘First, I have to promote" cast "action from politics on" "" "" "" "" Process; "four training first tests" activities such as training, special training, network training, delivery, examination, and strengthening leading cadres, develop a batch of red boutique courses, teaching lines, and carefully create a group of characteristic education base.

Focus on building an organizational system. Focusing on "Promote the comprehensive progress of the grassroots party organization, comprehensive", "strong base" "pilot" "multiplied" action, vigorously promote the grassroots, foundation, basic construction; implement grassroots party building basic work improvement plan, standardize the grassroots party building standard Do a good job in the standardized construction of the party branch; strengthen the construction of the grassroots "head geese" team, explore the "county towns" model of the village (community) party organization, cultivate "rural family can" to promote the revitalization of the country. Focus forging the ruling backbone.

Focus on "Building a High Quality Cadre" goal, the "two banners of the Municipal Party Committee" have selected the requirements, and in-depth promotion "Zhuang Bone" "Live Water" "Promotion" "Care" action, build the leadership team and cadres.

The analysis of the post-leaders analysis and judgment, with the "five-color flower training" to carry out major training for the leading cadres in the carrier to promote the success of the team. Improvement of performance evaluation methods, optimize usual assessment, special assessment, annual assessment, co-ordination with living positions and classes of parallel policies to promote development.

Focus on innovative talent. Focus on "Building a Talent Highland" goal, in-depth promotion "Jia Cai" "Le Chuang" action, constantly inspiring the innovation and creation of talents.

Revised the "Mushan City High-level Talents Special Support Measures", studying the "Introduction of Flexibility, Using Elasticity, Service Personality" in Developing Talents.

Implementing the "Jiazhou Yingcai Cultivation Plan", the field supports the training of 1,000 native outstanding talents, launching the implementation of rural talents for five years, park talent communication plan, guided people to move to key areas, key areas. (Liu Xiaoyui Ma) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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Safe, free, and increased force Zhengzhou bus to meet "no subway" period

Safe, free, and increased force Zhengzhou bus to meet "no subway" period

The ride of the car is stable. Zhengzhou bus group was early, and Mr. Cow received a text message: from July 28 to August 28th, all passengers who took Zhengzhou bus were free.

At the same time, he started worry again. "This will be more crowded?" But I walked into the German Street Quick Bus Station, but he relieved – pushed the free ride on the coin box. The credit card device has been closed.On-site staff introduced the policy, and the number of people in the station is still a lot, but under the patient’s patience, the ride is stable.

Less than 2 minutes after the station, the B1 bus slowly entered the bus stop.Mr. Niu, like everyone, pinched the wire on the mask cover, and flocked into the car.On the way, every stop, the busleman will remind the passengers: wear a mask, pay attention to the order.After 20 minutes, Mr. Niu arrived at the destination Xixiang Station."All the way, there are many bus, and the pass is smooth, give us a urgent urgency."

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Standing at the new starting point, set foot on the new journey to create a national party branch guidance work Golden Word Signboard National Party Branch Construction Seminar in Ningyang, Shandong

Standing at the new starting point, set foot on the new journey to create a national party branch guidance work Golden Word Signboard National Party Branch Construction Seminar in Ningyang, Shandong

The subject of this case is the "National Party Branch’s Work Innovation and Practice", the collection time is January 29, 2022 to January 31, 2022, concentrated on rural, community, state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises, colleges and universities Economic organizations, social organizations, institutions, party and state organs, mobile party members, and retired cadres employees, are typical, typical experience, etc. It is designed to assemble the country’s grassroots party organizations to showcase, publicity experience, and promote the study of grassroots party organizations to learn from each other and exchange advanced experience. According to Xingqiang, the case where the selection of this collection should meet four standards. First, focus authenticity.

The case should come from the compliance, summary and refining of the construction practical achievements of the party branch in recent years, prohibiting fictional and Du, paying attention to small and trivial, avoiding large and empty. Second, focus effectiveness.

The case must obtain a certain results of effective results and have a significant driving role in the party members’ considerations.

The third is to focus innovation.

The case should be innovative in terms of the content, form, method, and mechanism of the party branch, have a characteristic, in ordering the difficulties of cracking the party building, and promoting new initiatives in party building work. The fourth is to focus exemplary. The case should have certain operability and demonstration guidance, there is a certain reference and value of application.

After the collection, the industry experts will hire the industry to form an jury, select the excellent case, set up a two or two prizes, give a certain reward, and continue the case of the case: First, establish a case library, will innovate as cadres training and party members Textbooks; Second, further research on the case, research results are reported to report relevant departments and leadership reference; third is to edit the "Choice of Work Innovation Cases of the National Party Branch" and assembled published. In the afternoon of the new era, the Development Law of the Party Branch Development, the General Assembly entered the discussion and exchanges, in order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control related measures, part of the meeting represents online communication in the form of video connectivity.

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The Hong Kong SAR Government strongly opposes the Britain to publish the so-called "Half of Hong Kong Issues"

The Hong Kong SAR Government strongly opposes the Britain to publish the so-called "Half of Hong Kong Issues"

  Xinhua News Agency, June 11 (Reporter Liu Mingyang) The Hong Kong SAR Government strongly opposes the Britain to publish the so-called "Hong Kong Issues Half-year Report", which is untrue to Hong Kong. The SAR Government said that the central government has repeatedly demonstrates the implementation of the "one country, two systems" policies, and has repeatedly urged the exterior to stop intervening Hong Kong affairs. According to international law and "not involved in the national government" basic principles, foreign governments should not interfere with Hong Kong affairs. Speakers in the SAR Government said that the reviews of the Dish Hong Kong Guohang Law did not inform the fact that it was obviously a double standard. Any objective person will see the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, which is extremely important to commercial activities in Hong Kong society, and the national security is guaranteed in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the public can continue to enjoy fundamental and freedom in accordance with the law.

  The spokesman reiterated that law enforcement agencies were underworning law enforcement actions in accordance with the law, as well as in accordance with relevant people or units, regardless of political position, background or occupation, all prosecution decisions were evident, applicable law and "prosecution code "Made.

Regardless of the political concept or background of the defendant, the SAR Government Justice will handle the case with the same scale. Judge’s constitutional duties are based on legal when exercising their judicial powers, there is no other consideration. The SAR Government said, resolutely opposing foreign politicians’ misleading speech and other intentions of the China Perfect SAR Electoral System. Perfecting the SAR Elections System is timely and must, the SAR Government will continue to ensure that elections are held in principle, fair and disclosure. (Editor: Bai Yu, Zhao Xinyue) Share more people to see.

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Qinglongshan Street, Qingzhen City, "four initiatives" promotes "treatment toilets", enhances farmers to get happiness

Qinglongshan Street, Qingzhen City, "four initiatives" promotes "treatment toilets", enhances farmers to get happiness

Since this year, Qinglong Mountain Street has arrested rural households as an important people’s livelihood. According to the principle of truth from facts and adheres to the problem, the rural household toilet is comprehensively placed, through the side investigation, the rectification, and the stand-alone change, far-close combination The symptoms of specimens are role in promoting the rural treatment toilet work with "four initiatives".

Highly valued, consolidate responsibility.

It will take an important part of the work of the rural "five cure" work, convene a special meeting, formulate the work implementation plan, will be implemented to the toilet work responsibility to decompose to each package insurance leader, the village department, various villages, formation Three-level linkage ", ensure that the task of work is grasped, grasped, well-caught, and shape the work pattern of the contribution of the commune.

Strengthen promotion and create an atmosphere. Take advantage of visiting the household, Internet, WeChat group, pull banner and other publicity forms, to promote the toilet policy, to ruin the importance and practical significance to the majority of peasant friends, and vigorously create a good treatment toilet atmosphere, inside the masses Ethereal and actively put into the treatment toilet work, and laid a good public opinion basis for actively promoting the "five cure" work in rural areas. As of now, there are more than 130 promotional materials, and 13 banners.

Up and down links, comprehensive touch.

The villages are pushed into the arrangement, the implementation of the leadership, business units, village support, responsible, the village two committeles, the private responsibility system, the implementation of "Who is investigated, who is responsible", in the original toilet account On the basis, the carpet investigation is once again, approves the information situation of rural toilets and collects, according to the treatment of toilet standards, and the existence of the existence of the existence of the village. Up to now, more than 90 households were investigated. Business training, technical guarantee.

Timely organization secretary and specific person in charge convened business training, and the third-party company launched the person in charge of the village to download the Rural toilet collection information system app (Guizhou digital village APP), targeted the use of the system, strict according to the countryside The toilet qualified standard, the information is complete and not lacking, the picture is clear and unfunction, and the village regulations are required to establish rural toilet information desk account, earnestly find the problem, effectively rectify, implement the sales number management, complete one, and one. As of now, 13 villages have completed the system installation, and is actively conducting homologous collection and system reporting work. (Qinglong Mountain Street) Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

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Reimbursement for medical expenses in different places, and it is more convenient in the future.

Reimbursement for medical expenses in different places, and it is more convenient in the future.

The medical expenses in different places has always been the topic of the people.

Recently, the State Council executive meeting reviewed and approved through the "14th Five-Year" national medical security planning, deploying improved medical insurance system, and proposing cross-provincial unicasts such as basic medical insurance insured registration, realizing in different medical hospitals, outpatient cost lines.With the continuous acceleration of population, it is increasingly increasing medical groups in different places. The new employment-based laborer is based on flexible employees, or to support the children’s business to leave their hometown to move to the old people, they are all medical treatment.The main crowd.

"Wang Zhen, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with the" strong observation "column of the People’s Network, continuously improved the direct settlement policy of differently medical treatment, and promoting the development of medical resources to be more equalization of the" 14th Five-Year Plan " One of the key tasks, is also a positive response to the people’s yearning for a better life. What standard reimbursement is made in different places? In July this year, the "Opinions on Optimizing the Optimized Medical Security Service" issued by the State Medical Security Bureau clearly proposed, accelerated advancement Basic medical insurance cross-province is directly settled in different places, realizing the national unified medical record, expanding the direct settlement scope of different medical doctors. Before the end of 2021, there were at least 1 general outpatient cost cross-provincial networking medical institution, all-in-law. The region is basically realized in general outpatient costs, cross-provincial direct settlement; 2022 The medical settlement of the payment includes two parts of the payment range and the reimbursement standard. The scope of payment refers to the basic payment scope of the drug catalog, medical service projects and medical supplies of basic medical insurance. In principle, it is generally implemented in accordance with the medical regulations; and the reimbursement standard is pressed Insured policies, Yuan Tao, examples, for example, Hebei, Guizhou and other insured patients, they can enjoy projects in Beijing’s basic medical insurance services through the national unified medical treatment platform, can enjoy projects within the scope of Beijing Basic Medical Insurance services, but reimbursement criteria Rebound in the policy policy.

Yuan Tao said that in order to adjust the medical treatment in different places, promote grading diagnosis and treatment, most of the medical insurance policy of most coordinated regions stipulates that the proportion of foreign reimbursement is reduced compared to local reimbursement ratios. In terms of specific reimbursement, it applies for a recorded patient through the national different medical platform. It is directly settled by the information system when handling the medical treatment in different places; the required self-end is paid by the record, and then returns to the original manual reimburse.

For patients who want to make a record, Yuan Tao said that it can carry materials such as social security cards, ID cards, and proof of long-term residence related certificates, and go to the social security bureau where the household registration is located, and can also handle it on the spot in the air. . What is the progress of the outpatient cost cross-provincial direct settlement? Direct settlement of medical expenses in crossing provinces is usually divided into outpatient and hospitalization.

At the end of 2016, my country’s cross-provincial medical treatment direct settlement system began to run, and the patient can be directly reimbursed when the patient is settled, and only pays the self-payment part. Wang Zhen said that in terms of hospitalization, the direct settlement of medical treatment in different places is more convenient, but the direct settlement of outpatient costs is currently being advanced. Since 2018, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the five provinces in Southwest have successively launched a direct settlement pilot in the province within the region.

"Compared to hospitalization costs, inter-provincial direct settlement, the difficulty of inter-provincial direct settlement is much larger than hospitalization. At the same time, the outpatient cross-provincial direct settlement for the support capabilities of the national medical insurance information system, run stability and service capabilities It has been put forward higher requirements. "Wang Zhen said. Talking about the specific reasons, Wang Zhen said that the frequency and settlement of the first doctor is much higher than hospitalization; secondly, the medical insurance outpatient reimbursement policy has differently, cross-place direct settlement is greatly tested on settlement rules and settlement services; A direct settlement requires multiple links of different institutions, and any problem will affect direct settlement.

Jiang Chengjia, the head of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, the head of the State Council Policy, held in July, said that from the current perspective, progress is basically in line with expectations, 29 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have already had 315 co-ordline regions. It has opened a direct settlement of ordinary outpatient expenses and covered 70% of the country. Among them, 18 provinces such as Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have realized all coordinated regions in the region. How to deal with medical accounting in different places is increasing? Recently, the State Council of State Council pointed out that since a new round of medical reform, my country has built the world’s largest, basic medical insurance network, and the basic medical insurance during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period covers 100 million people, and the coverage is stable in more than 95%. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must deeply promote the reform of the medical insurance system, do our best to do our best.

At the same time, although the medical insurance system has made breakthroughs in the problem of cracking "seeking medical treatment", the problem is not balanced, and the problems such as multi-guarantee is still existed. In adapting to normalized population flowing and medical treatment, adapt The new business and new economic development need to have a short slave. "In the context of population flow and urbanization, with the continuous growth of medical resources, the regional and large hospitals in medical resources will be more obvious, which will not be conducive to the balanced layout of medical resources and basic medical and health. The service is equal. "Yuan Tao said.

For the medical insurance department and medical institutions at all levels, this is also a big challenge. Yuan Tao emphasizes that medical insurance is in different medical management, fund supervision, cross-site collaborative services, etc., urgently need to establish medical institutions at different regions. Division of duties, refund standards and refund procedures, to address more and more intermittent districts, inter-provincial medical settlement issues. In addition to improving the grading diagnosis and treatment system, speeding up the balanced layout of medical resources, Yuan Tao also suggests to improve the medical insurance coordination level, such as transition from the municipal-level coordination to provincial-level overall; Strengthen technology innovation, promote more and more advanced "Internet + medical protection" technology; improve the employment settlement work mode, method, simplify the processes; establish cross-regional medical insurance collaborative governance mechanisms and risk adjustment mechanisms; improve joint law enforcement supervision and management Service level, etc.

(Editor: Wang Shao Shao, He Yingchun) Sharing let more people see.

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The domestic goods hanging "fake ocean card" road will only get more and narrower

The domestic goods hanging "fake ocean card" road will only get more and narrower

Original title: China’s goods hanging "fake ocean brand" road will only get more and more narrower, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a questioner letter to Musse, mattress production enterprises. Among them, it is required to explain the foreigner of the advertisement to its basic situation and its relationship with the company’s products; if the company has propagated this person, whether it is consistent with the actual situation, whether the external propaganda independence is appropriate and whether there is false propaganda .

This triggered a discussion on the hot discussion of Music’s "Ocean" advertising and domestic brands hanging "fakes". Many consumers have always thought that Musis is a foreign brand, and the white beard in advertising is probably the founder of KFC’s grandfather.

In fact, Musi is a domestic brand founded in 2004, and the white beard is likely to be just an advertisement model.

This advertising publicity of "Ocean Elements" constitutes a deliberate misleading of consumers. Musis product pricing is high, the "brand premium" paying by consumers is more like a "set" "set".

  Obviously, it is a domestic brand, but it is necessary to use foreign elements in the company name, brand name, advertisement, etc., and packaged into a "tall" foreign brand image to deceive consumers, similar situations are not individual phenomena. In the fields of home improvement, clothing, cosmetics, infant supplies, many brands with "儿".

  The domestic brand hangs "fake cream" and try to mislead consumers. It seems that the more "foreign" is "tall". This is a marketing is not confident – it seems to hang "fake", In order to be more competitive in the market, you can sell more. In essence, this also exposes some corporate value pursuit of pursuit – a lot of effort is not spent on how to lean for high quality, not how to provide quality services to consumers with more favorable prices, but through "foreign packaging" Waiting for the marketing tool to flicker consumers to buy.

  The brand has no shortcut to go. If you want to see some world-renowned brands in the price, you must first truly "tall" in quality. If the quality is too hard, how is it not confident? Why don’t you make a "fake ocean brand" to dress the cavity? Self-improvement in China, first of all, domestic goods are confident. As long as the product is excellent, as long as the service is guaranteed, consumers will naturally be confident on domestic products. For example, Huawei, Dangnan and other domestic brands are deeply loved and sought after by consumers. Consumers are keen to pursue high-quality domestic products. There should be such a national goods in the production enterprises, and go to solidly manufacturing, innovation, rather than adopting some un molad deception, and fight the policies of the supervision policy.

We must believe that in the context of the economic "double cycle", the increasingly rational domestic consumers, the one-sided advocacy of "foreign cards" is less and less.

  Musis advertising is suspected of false propaganda, and the relevant departments should intervene in the investigation.

For some companies, the behavior of deceiving consumers is deceiving consumers in order to take advantage of the profit, and should be severely punished according to law.

Consumer Rights Protection Organization can also try to pick up legal weapons in a reminding consumers to polish their eyes, and correct the unfair marketing of enterprises through public welfare lawsuits.

When more and more Chinese brands, growth is high quality, high-quality "light", "real domestic" hanging "fake ocean card" phenomenon natural 偃.

(Shu Shengxiang) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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Vanavond Gold Time "Terminal 2021 Network Spring Festival Avond" Broadcast

Vanavond Gold Time "Terminal 2021 Network Spring Festival Avond" Broadcast

  China Opera Dance Series Wang Jiaxin "A Dance Samsung" Creatieve Unlimited Met behulp van Jeugdmethode Interpretation Leeftijd Klassiek De NT-avond van dit jaar is niet alleen in het podium en het programma, maar bereikt ook de ultieme inclusiviteit en fusie, en zal creatief verschillend zijn Van de laag is ge?ntegreerd met de mainstream-waarden, en de nieuwe generatie van het netwerk wordt op innovatieve manieren gebruikt en wordt de jeugdherinneringen aan verschillende leeftijdlagen in cross-time epidemische elementen genoemd.

  De drie "Dit is de straatdans" Champion Han Yu, Ye Yin en Yang Kai eerst in CCTV-fase, met CCTV Classic IP-thema-lied en klassieke filmelementen, samen met een ander soort "muziekscene" – "wanneer wij wat zijn U kijkt naar TV bij het kijken naar tv? "De prachtige straatdansstrijd geeft de podiumsfeer aan en de jeugdige stijl is opwindend. Wanneer de" reis naar het westen "" Happy Planet "Home Kinderen" Klassieke IP-muziek heeft, trek dan onmiddellijk het publiek jeugd. "Little Ghost" Wang Linkai past de klassieke film en televisie "Fairy Swordsman 3" -thema-lied "de voorkeur", de elektriciteit en rap is slim, voeg meer kleuren toe voor het nummer, het brandende podium, het gasveld is helemaal open, hoe hoog -Tech Stage is nog meer "God herstelt", in de sfeer vol met gratia, ging het publiek de scène van de grote "LAN Qing" in! Het breken van de grens met de jeugd, die dit jaar een open nieuwe houding uitdrukt, is dit jaar nog steeds erg "durven om te spelen". Gaat het ontwerp te hosten om de narratieve logica van de traditionele partij te breken, en de introductie van de rol van "nieuwe partner "Laat het feest meer het leven van iedereen sluiten, of het nu de uitvoerder is op het podium of het publiek voor het scherm, iedereen in dit feest is deelnemers, iedereen kan" nieuwe "houding op hun eigen manier uiten. Wang Suzhen brak een klein universum uit tot "ongeconfractie", de songteksten zijn vol bloed onbevreesd; Zhou Pencheng join handen met Hua Cai Boy Huang Zihong, Fang Shujian, bijeenkomst, Yuan Shuai bracht gezamenlijk "alles voor jou", solide en krachtige liedjes ‘alles’ , Interpretatie van levenshouding en gerechtigheid van het leven, en geen hony-jeugd.

  Mao is niet gemakkelijk om naar het lied te luisteren "Mensen zoals ik" zongen elke gewone jij, mijn leven, waardoor mensen warme rustgevende en solide kracht geven. De gemiddelde leeftijd-jarige "Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association Art Troupe" toont ook een geweldige oneindige vitaliteit in deze fase. Ze gebruiken een "tiener" om hun krachtige stijl te tonen, zelfs meer dan een oud, maar hetzelfde is enorme vitaliteit .

Hoe verbergen deze liedjes nog steeds hoe het publiek te laten tranen? 2021 NET Later is er meer concessies, CAI XUN, Joint China Philharmonic Group, met een "Mountain River Innocent in My Borst", Betaal eerbetoon aan de anti-optische held, het zachte en sterke lied, terwijl de service en kracht van de jeugd zingen Ma Bozhen en B-station "Singing New Generation" spelers Lazy (Zhao Haisheng), Tangoz (Zhong Qi), Shark Fin (Lu Yu), Shi Yu, Yu Hao (Yang Yizhen) zingt de stem van zijn geboorteplaats in de vorm van zang , met het volledige vuur zong de rap van het veld de vuist in de geboortestad.

  Daarnaast heeft het feest ook een reeks verrassende combinatie uitgenodigd, "Blue Knights", "Blue Knights", "Dream Combination", "Dream Combination", "Dream Combination", "Haar Power", Hi Vava, "Sound" de Hart "Beperk de combinatie van Yu Fei, hij Liangchen en Xu Guanzhen. Bovendien, "Yuanqi-journalist" Wang Bingbing, "Healing Singer" Duan Oujuan, Ding Zhen, de goedkeuring van zijn geboortestad en Chen hij, naast de deur, Lao-fan, enz., Zal het publiek interpreteren en het publiek interpreteren. (Editor: Yan Shuai, Song Xin Rui) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

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Society of new coronary pneumonia in Changzhou, Jiangsu, announcement

Society of new coronary pneumonia in Changzhou, Jiangsu, announcement

According to the news released by Changzhou new coronavirus infection, the news released on November 2, Jiangsu Changzhou received a diagnosed case secret personnel investigation and heating clinic monitoring, and found three people’s new crown virus nucleic acid detection Positive, all of which have been admitted to the fixed-point hospital isolation medical observation and treatment, the situation is as follows: diagnosis case 1: Changjing Tianning District, a staff member of Changzhou City Lighting Management Engineering Co., Ltd.

From October 26th to 31st, the diagnosed cases in the Kowloon Slope area of ??Chongqing have been closely contacted. On November 2nd, the first People’s Hospital of Changzhou City, the nucleic acid detection initial sir, and transferred from the city Three People’s Hospital, through expert consultation, comprehensive epidemiology history, clinical manifestations, laboratory review test results, and imaging examination, November 3, was diagnosed as diagnosed cases (light). Credentiary case 2: Elever Wuxiang District, for the staff of Wujin District Wanbang Digital Energy Co., Ltd. From October 28th to 31st, Huang, a confirmed case of confirmed cases in the Zhenqing Banan District. On November 2, due to the fever during the secret, it was transferred from the city to the third people’s hospital. The nucleic acid test was sieved, and the history of expert consultation, comprehensive epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory review results and imaging examination Equisical, November 3, was diagnosed as diagnosed cases (light). Credentia Medic 3: Some resident Tianning District, for the staff of Wujin District Wanbang Digital Energy Co., Ltd. From October 28th to 31st, Huang, a confirmed case of confirmed cases in the Zhenqing Banan District.

On November 2, due to the fever during the secret, the special car was transferred from the centralized isolation point to the third people’s hospital, nucleic acid detection, sieve positive, through expert consultation, comprehensive epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory review results As a result of imaging and other results, November 3, diagnosed as diagnosed cases (light). According to the epidemiological survey, these three cases of confirmed cases on October 31- November 2nd involved the regions and places: Wujin District: Wujinhu Tang Yucheng Community, Longde Garden South Gate (Ai Meiye Skin Care ), Wujin District High-tech Zhanwan Digital Energy Co., Ltd. No. 6 Hengshan Road, Sanjing Street); Tianning District: Jiuzhou New World Junzhuang Community in Lanling Street, Changzhou First People’s Hospital, Workers’ New Village (Wiehe Road and Lanling North Road intersection 50 meters).

The close contacts of the identified close contact have all been isolated from the medical observation, and the locations have been informed of locations with diagnosed cases, and the relevant disinfection measures are strictly implemented. (Head CCTV reporter Tang Tao) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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