The Party Work Committee of the East Street Street, Haicheng District: Missing "Three Films" is good part of the party history, "three-step chess"

The Party Work Committee of the East Street Street, Haicheng District: Missing "Three Films" is good part of the party history, "three-step chess"

The Party Crafts Committee of the East Street Street Street, Haicheng District, Beihai City is closely around the requirements of "learning party history, understanding, doing real things, and new bureaus", earnestly carrying out the education of party history, enhances "learning", and courage. "The tide head, keep the momentum of" dry ", and study the" three-step chess ". Enhance the strength of "learning", the party history learning education "first-hand chess" is "online + line", do a good job in "learning". Online, using WeChat public account, WeChat group equivalent, increase important information on party history learning education, online overview.

Inline, organize party members and cadres through collective learning, self-study.

The special study meeting will be carried out regularly to carry out red film into the community and enter the building. Second, "Please come in + go out" combined, innovate "learning" way.

Create a "party history lecture hall", invited professors from the Party School of Beihai Municipal Party Committee to the community, to the building, organize the party committee secretary to the community, to the streets. With the city’s red resources, organize party members and cadres to enter the "Red" theme education base to visit and learn, feel the historical culture of Beihai.

Organize the Jurisdiction of Fuyu Party Construction Alliance to the Anshi Research Base to experience the Red Army’s long march tour, build a red belief.

Courage "Strive" The tide of "striving", the party history, "Key Chess", is to fight for the people, listen to the voice of the masses. Play "There is something to tell me" the party branch role, the volunteers such as the network, the network cadres, etc. Entering the company’s opinion, open a "fast passage" for Fuyu Building Party Construction Alliance, helping more than 600 employees to vaccinate new crown vaccines; into the small district, "courtyard" council, listen to the transformation opinion, this year, these funds have been more than 2 million yuan, Solved a group of people’s livelihood issues such as unwage, road harness, and 500 people.

The second is to strive to be a mass service, and intimately serve the masses.

Continussion to solve the people’s most direct most direct and most realistic interests, complete 37 old communities, "three no" communities, urban villages, build 159 back streets, demolition of illegal buildings, iron beds about 900 Square meters, repair, renovation of drainage grooves approximately 450 meters, clean up more than 1,800 small advertisements. The third is to fight for the masses "Pepsi" and solve the problem of the masses.

With the help of "solving the supermarket" supply and demand docking platform, fully collect the resources of the Internet, the members of the Great Party Committee, the functional departments and social enterprises, and solve the problem of problems in the masses.

Since the launch of "Solving the Supermarket", 1316 people "three things" have been collected, and 1082 are solved.

Keeping "dry" momentum, the party history learning education "Maguo Shengqi" is the first "Street Lane Long System" to carry out the "star civilized household" evaluation. As the citizen Tanwood area, the Qian Tanwood area enhances the demonstration point, and take the lead in implementing the "Star Civilization Household" to launch the "Star Civilization Household" assessment, the passive participation of the masses is active, the street rectification effect is consolidated.

More than 200 civilized users have been selected, and the demonstration drove is obvious.

The second is to create a "red neighbor" functional party branch.

To create a Hongqi community as an opportunity, establish a functional "Red Neighbor" party branch, form "there is something to find red neighbor" party volunteer service team, through the model of "Community Party Committee + Community Red Neighborhood + Party Member + Building Long + Resident" Participate in community governance and community management, set the three-way window in the door of the masses. The third is to establish a volunteer service incentive mechanism.

Establishing a Volunteer Service Integration Excitation Mechanism, opening a Genesis volunteer service account in 6 communities, with the service change points, with the integration reward, and condense a group of party members, the people’s backbone, and lay down for long-term management Solid mass foundation. The fourth is to carry out the "red blue" service week action. Relying on the streets and community party members, the party members of the Communist Party of China, the "Red" power, the "red" power, the "blue" power, the young volunteers "blue", do a good job in policy propaganda, civilized account ratio, environmental maintenance. (Haiji East Street Street Party Work Committee) (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.

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Rehabilitation "resident": those people

Rehabilitation "resident": those people

1 Those "事" years, many of the village cadres from "first arrival" to "resident", "with the footprints filled with soil, to deal with the poverty attack. However, there are also a few grassroots cadres to "passenger psychology", although there are not many people who are surprising. Scene 1: Who is this bed? In a village team, two single beds were placed, and the a bed is complete. There is only a mattress without bed linen, and the two bedding is new, there is no trace of living. When the reporter asked the beds in the village cadres, the two actually pointed to the same bed, and found that they were not as opposed to the change. "We sometimes change the bed", and the scene is very embarrassing. This is the scene that the reporter interviewed by a 10-minute drive from the county at night. Scene 2: The living bedroom can’t find the switch of the lamp. Niu Jie (a pseudonym) of a communication company is a resident cadre of a mountainous area.

In the interview, when the reporter made aware of the living environment of Niu Jie, he said that due to the limited conditions of the village, they lived in about 2 kilometers from the village.

In order to further confirm that poverty alleviation cadres in the county went to the township government and proposed to let Niu Jie led to see residence. The process of "walking" is not smooth. Under a "leading" of a poverty alleviation cadre, Niu Jie entered a bedroom, but the switch of the lights could not be found. He said that he lived in a few months, now I am not familiar. He also known that recently lived in the farmhouse in the township, and then the reporter found that the hotel did not open, the previously seen the bedroom was also confirmed to be a lounge of the township government cadres.

After some "farce", the poverty alleviation cadre finally "showup" from the reporter: After he took a work, the village had been piloted, and the individual had a looseness and failed to help work in the village. Scene 3: The first secretary who hid behind the computer behind the screen. In the invisibility with the follow-up visits, the reporter came to the middle and depressed poverty villages, and only the first secretary Wang Zhigang (pseudonym) was in the village.

He is a staff member of the Local Market Supervision Bureau.

When interview group inquire about the poverteilty in the village, it is basically introduced by the staff of the country, and Wang Zhi has sits in the corner, but hiding behind the computer screen. After about half an hour, Liu Guoqiang (pseudonym) served as the captain came to the Village Task Force Office.

A door, Wang Chih-kang introduced to Fangzu "This is our bureau personnel Unit, often come to the village to the countryside", after Fangzu ask "is used to come to the countryside village it is not resident", Liu Guoqiang answer "is often lower a rural, mainly here, "Wang Chih-kang and immediately corrected himself," is a resident, but the bureau shortage of staff, in the middle of what will be returning to the meeting. "

In the local feedback material to the group of inspectors wrote: Comrade Wang Zhigang in an interview with unannounced visits, due to the ideological tensions, not very comprehensive and individual situation of the village, the data so that "a clear." Wang Chih-kang township party immediately conducted a special training and education, proposed work requirements, including further go from village households to carry out the work of helping towns and villages, strictly implement the "five days and four nights’ work system and so on. 2 Change Dilemma – "two runs," "two busy," village-effects discounted. Who has been in a state-level poverty-stricken counties as village-based members of the grass-roots cadres told reporters that the provision of "full-time" towns and villages they are very clear, but some establishments are really short staffed.

He is a staff member of the county’s publicity department, due to the county propaganda activities and more heavy tasks, a limited staff, have their own "two runs." National and provincial and municipal residency team compared himself closer to the original unit, and from the village is relatively easy, the objective is "part-time" provided conditions. But the "two runs," "two busy" state can easily lead to Shen heart to no less, helping villages to affect results. Respondents village branch secretary, told reporters that the villagers work during the day, no one in the village, the village often choose to meet at night, if the village cadres do not live in the village, the village would not attend the meeting.

Reporters research found that over the past few years, the development of good industrial poverty in rural areas, village cadres are perennial squatting in the village, and the villagers wondering poverty industry, able to achieve good results.

– Avoid filling Daka "planting bonsai." Daka attendance has become an important means of many local cadres residing in the assessment. However, the reporter came across in an interview, on a village-based Task Force sign-in sheet, four village cadres turned out to be three kinds of check-in "format" appears. It was an evening of May 7, in which the two players did not sign the same day, another team member on the 4th to 7th 4 consecutive days did not sign, and the captain actually directly in the 8 "ahead sign." The village-captain immediately explained that "just talk about things we talk about relatively late, shoving the next day to sign up" and then admitted that "recent checks superiors are more hesitant to leave, but the next day a little thing, but worried rush Come". "Neither two running around, it can not only live in the village.

"Province rural revitalization Bureau official interviewed said that from tackling poverty practice, every day to stay in the village and do nothing, and can not really poor, but also to the people to heart, to understand local conditions, and village cadres together to find solutions. the official said that in the study of village cadres terms of effectiveness, have to look at the actual results, avoid punch fill in a form "bonsai plant" formalism problems.

– "young cadres do not want to come, many times older stationed." Unit 58-year-old Guo Feng (a pseudonym) where, over the past 20 years adhere to poverty alleviation in mountain districts of the Loess Plateau, while Guo Feng has five went to a local aid, towns and villages have experienced three times. He admitted that this pro-poor "marathon" the local new look, but it does exist, "the young cadres do not want to, older repeatedly entered the" problem. A county water department heads also said that, given the shortage of staff the unit, you can only send older workers. 3 rural revitalization become "champions" for the CPC Central Committee issued "on the continued residency of the first secretary and appoint task forces to focus on rural areas," residency requirement sound normalization mechanism.

Many rural Promotion Bureau said the officer, consolidate achievements expand tackling poverty, promoting rural revitalization, more needs to village cadres in the village on the basis of understanding the situation, make an inventory of existing resources, the revitalization of rural become "leaders." Sent a stressful problem for some local county-level units, stationed in some places have begun to optimize the ratio.

Director of the Central province rural villages to help revitalize the bureau said that in the past the work of helping towns and villages, the county-level units relatively heavy task, pressure, for this reason, this year the province to adjust the proportion of cadres stationed.

"Provincial and municipal levels stationed proportion increased from 30% to 50% in the past and, accordingly, reduce the proportion of county-level presence from 70% to 50%." Cadres stationed optimized ratio, one can reduce or even eliminate the cadres "two runs." "part-time" situation, on the other hand can give is helping rural bring a broader perspective, more advanced concepts and more resourceful. Not only "live" should only "help."

In formulating village cadres assessment methods, and to the times, to ensure the basic premise of discipline and attendance, timely and innovative ways to put more focus on the effectiveness of the work and performance of cadres.

For example, some northern provinces issued a special care measures under the cold winter weather, warm conditions in a limited number of villages, village-based cadres can temporarily join as a partner, as close to live in the town.

There are places using regular telephone spot checks, random village cadres to carry out Quick Answer, competitions and scoring low effort and play a supervisory role in saving.

Central Party School (National School of Administration), Professor Zhu Li Jia told reporters, promote rural revitalization is a long-term strategy, village-based cadres is one of the important part, to be more clear and improve relevant supporting institutions, incentives, so that they did with dignity , occupation hope, life can stabilize. In addition, for those who can not competent job, only to "gold-plated" going through the motions, not yet reached the body to the heart of the village cadres, should be strict accountability, instituted the recall and other systems.

Meanwhile, in a rural revitalization stage, with the industry booming, the villagers to get rich, but also to establish a mechanism to do warning education, prevent individual village cadres a "termite" village cadres.

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Rusland: Russisch militair nieuw paraplu restrictiesysteem "is geboren in de Noordpool"

Rusland: Russisch militair nieuw paraplu restrictiesysteem "is geboren in de Noordpool"

Tegenwoordig is de Russische tv-website op 24 december uitgegeven, "" toonaangevende status ": hoe de gevechtscapaciteit van Russische speciale krachten te verbeteren," Russian Technology Company heeft aangekondigd dat de Russische technologie?n de kennisgeving in de offici?le website, "Technology News" hebben vrijgegeven Bedrijf levert de nieuwste "lange hardlopers" paraplu-systeem voor het Russische leger.

Dit product is ontworpen voor speciale krachten, ook in de Arctische omgeving.

Volgens het rapport is "Long Runners" de Ivanov Parachute-fabriek (aangesloten bij de holdingmaatschappij "Technische Dynamics").

Hiermee kunnen mensen paraplu’s op grote hoogte 700 meter tot 10.000 meter voltooien.

Het systeem heeft geen vergelijkbare producten op de Russische markt, met unieke prestaties en bewezen hun betrouwbaarheid tijdens oefeningen.

Eind augustus dit jaar verscheen het systeem "Long-Afstandslanden" in het internationale militaire technische forum "Army-201".

Dit unieke karakter van deze parachute is het ontwerppoon.

O & O-personen zeiden dat dit programma meer flexibiliteit heeft bij het hanteren, de capaciteit van Russische speciale krachten aanzienlijk verbetert. Volgens rapporten is het vleugelsgebied van het nieuwe paraplu restrictiesysteem vierkante meter. De "lange-afstandlopers" omvatten ook een vleugelgebied van 27 vierkante meter Zoom-R9-290 reserve-paraplu en een rugzak met ophangsysteem. Het rapport zei ook dat als het niet wordt beschreven, als het gewicht van de parapluzak en de kluis op het punt staat in kilogrammen te zijn, de maximale vluchtafstand (de wind) van de belangrijkste paraplu van 8.000 meter hoog is 35 kilometer. Het rapport wees erop dat "lange hardlopers" kunnen worden geleverd met ongeveer 50 kg wapens, zuurstofapparatuur en containers en kunnen ugks-50 multifunctionele dozen bieden, die na de landing als rugzak kunnen worden gebruikt. Deskundigen wezen erop dat het gebruik van de koffer speciale krachten kan toestaan ??om een ??groot aantal munitie, voedsel en verschillende apparatuur in de lucht te dragen.

Het rapport wees er ook op dat "lange lopers" Battle Doop aan het einde van April 2020 ontvingen, op dat moment werden de luchtstroepen van de lucht gevallen uit de drie Ill -76 militaire transporters naar het Franse gebied Joseph Island (Arctic). Dit is de eerste keer in de North Polarology. De Russische verdedigingsapparqueur Yusus-Buick Yefkulov, zei: "We gebruikten speciale paraplu reductiesystemen in de Noordpool om collectieve luchtapparatuur in de Arctische omgeving in de geschiedenis van de wereld uit te voeren. Een gevechtstraining uitvoeren. Niemand voordat we deed.

"Militaire deskundige Alexei Leonkov zei:" De Noordpool is een zone met lage temperatuur.

Er zijn mensen en paraplu-systemen die moeilijk te weerstaan ??zijn.

Bovendien is er geen voor de hand liggende bezienswaardigheid in het Noordpoolgebied, dat de nauwkeurigheid van de landing negatief heeft be?nvloed. Maar er zijn aanwijzingen dat al deze factoren geen obstakels zijn geworden.

"Deskundigen zijn van mening dat het laatste paraplureductie-systeem de motorisatie van de Russische speciale krachten verbetert.

Deze functie is vooral belangrijk bij het uitvoeren van taken in het Noordpoolgebied. "The Motherland Army" Magazine Observers Demtrid Delzgen, wees erop dat Rusland "leiderschap" gerangschikt op het gebied van paraplu-systeemontwikkeling. Het binnenlandse systeem is een van de meest duurzame en geladen systemen over de hele wereld.

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The 14th Yupo, the 12th Pharma Expo

The 14th Yupo, the 12th Pharma Expo

Leaders and guests jointly launched the 14th SME Business Opportunity Expo (China Yulin), the 12th China (Yulin) Chinese Medicine Expo, while launching this year’s online fair.

The 14th Yuebo will continue to adhere to the theme of "SME Economy · Yulin Expo", the venue is set at the Yulin International Convention and Exhibition Center and Jiangnan Park, highlights the "four strong two districts of the four districts" in Yulin City. The new highlights, fully showcase the construction achievements of "Guangxi Private Economic Demonstration City" in Yulin City. It mainly includes manufacturing high-quality development exhibition area, light industrial revitalization display area, large health industry display area, Dongxong to sea economic display area, trade and flow industry specialty display area, county (city, district) theme pavilion and other exhibition areas.

The 12th Pharmacy will continue to adhere to the theme of "healthy and development, cooperation, win-win", and the venue is set in Yulin Yinfeng International Chinese Pharmaco and Yulin Fuda International Fragrance Trading Market, of which Yinfeng Chinese Medicine Port has highlighted "medicine" "The main related content, the Fuda Spice Trading Market highlights related content based on" spices ". The Southern Drug Expo Center in Yinfeng Chinese Medicine Port is the main exhibition area, mainly including the national famous pharmaceutical enterprises and product exhibition areas, ASEAN traditional drug exhibition area, "Gui Ten" · Taoist medicinal materials and regional characteristics of medicine exhibition area (Guangxi Chinese medicine Zhuang Yao Medicine exhibition area), "China Southern Medicine" Chinese herbal medicine planting industry, rural revitalization exhibition area, medical health equipment exhibition area.

(Yulin Daily Full Media Special Report Group) (Editor: Li Minjun, Chen Lu) Share let more people see.

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Shanghai: 2021 "Plus Ladder" -doelen overtroffen de voltooiing van tevoren

Shanghai: 2021 "Plus Ladder" -doelen overtroffen de voltooiing van tevoren

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, 16 november (Reporter Zheng Yitian) is een van de belangrijke ‘mensen hartprojecten’ in Shanghai dit jaar.

Onder de inspanningen zijn de voltooiing van Shanghai van de voltooiing van zowel multi-verdieping in residenti?le installatie-liften van tevoren overtroffen. De verslaggever heeft geleerd van het Munity Comité van Shanghai Municipal and Construction dat Shanghai City van januari tot oktober dit jaar 1002-eenheden, 1504 constructies en 5.07 via de wensen van de eigenaar en met succes is ondertekend. Shanghai Jiansai-goedkeuring is ge?mplementeerd op volledige elektronische lijn en 1107 liftmaterialen zijn online ontvangen.

Onlangs, "Shanghai Residential Galash Online-goedkeuringsmodule" wordt officieel gelanceerd in "één netcom", die de goedkeuringseffici?ntie aanzienlijk verbetert. Op dit moment is het oude gebouw ook versneld in de veldvloer en de snelheid van de grassroots.

In de straten van Jiangwan Town, Hongkou District, Shanghai, en het Ladder-werk is van een enkele deuropening naar de "hele gemeenschap" "hele residenti?le commissie" voortbewogen.

De hele straat is in gebruik, het etablissement, in totaal 189 sets in de auditladder, voeg dit jaar 117 sets toe. Editor die de leiding heeft: Li Hui.

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Teaching Game "Machine Bird" flying to the new engineering class

Teaching Game "Machine Bird" flying to the new engineering class

"Machine Bird" interface. In the industrial-style scene, the treasure room with wisdom is full of wisdom, the gear and the mechanical arm are bound to the metal factory, which is the space of your big man; the processing safety knowledge is answered, the maze adventure, the automatic driving forklift, It is the level you want to take … and "The Ultimate BOSS" machine bird assembly restores the assembly process in the real factory with the first person’s perspective.

"Usually cold ice machine principle is in the game ‘live’, many knowledge points don’t have to die hard, and you will ‘fly’ into your brain." "After the game clearance, you will be equipped with mechanical structure I understand, as if I have participated in a fun and holy life experiment! "Many students have endless aftertaste in" players show ". This game is developed by Tianjin University Northern Digital Art Design Laboratory. Aesthetic education innovation practice in a new engineering background.

"" Machine Bird Dream "teaching game is also our own new engineering course practice project.

"One of the students of the students, Tianjin University is a secondary classmate of the Scholars’ future intelligent machine and system platform. Complex engineering knowledge points, let ‘machine bird’ become a good assistant in the new engineering class. "(Picture, video is provided by Tianjin University) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

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The Iranian media said that the Yi Fei defeated the US Navy to steal Iranian oil map

The Iranian media said that the Yi Fei defeated the US Navy to steal Iranian oil map

According to Iran National TV Station, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard successfully defeated the US Navy to the US oil.

According to reports, the US Navy intercepts a tanker loaded with Iranian oil in the Oman Bay sea, and forces them to drive to unknown destinations.The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Naval Force controlled the tanker through helicopter, and guided the oil tire to the Iranian territory.The US naval helicopter and warships track the tankers, but they were blocked by I.

The tanker is now in Iran.

At present, Iran has not disclosed the specific date of this matter.Recently, the friction of the United States and Iran is constantly.

On October 29, the US Treasury issued a statement that sanctions will be sanctions with individuals and organizations related to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

(Editor: Chen Yu, Tang Song) Sharing let more people see.

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Trinar Puppet Inheritance Cai Meina: Let the non-protocol inheritance

Trinar Puppet Inheritance Cai Meina: Let the non-protocol inheritance

Original title: Cai Me Na: Let the non-protocol art inherit "Jinjiang Wu store, since ancient times, the food is full of street, the fragrance is more than 10 million …" Recently, the reporter walked into the Jinjiang City Pocket Puppet Art Protection Inheritance Center, Center Deputy Director, the national first-level actor Cai Me Na is rectifying the puppet "Fan".

  "婆 弄" is the traditional classic taraday of Cai Meina, in recent years. As the starring Cai Me Na, the palm of "one person is decocted two corners", through rich performance form, improve the white, etc. Explore innovation in terms of performance form.

After the repertoire is performed, it has been widely recognized and affirmed, and the CCTV New Year Drama party appeared. As the sixth generation heir in the south, the representative inheritors of Fujian Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage, Cai Me Na is always inherited, constantly innovating in the inheritance, let the palm puppets this non-native strategy.

  As a representative of the Quanzhou Municipal People’s Congress, in recent years, Cai Me Na has participated in the "About Promoting the Public Welfare Huimin Performance Project" "About Strengthening the Creation of Boutique", Strengthening Non-Hosting and Development "," About People – oriented, Strengthening Quanzhou Art Talents A series of recommendations such as cultivation. In 2020, Cai Me Na and delegates proposed to "Suggestions on Minnan Traditional Culture into Campus" were listed as a key supervisor to obtain the emphasis on the relevant departments of Quanzhou City. Quanzhou opera into the campus "activities and created the work of the Minnan Cultural Inheritance Base Schools to achieve new breakthroughs.

  In order to cultivate the subsequent talents, in 2013, Jinjiang City palm puppet artistic protection inheritance center cooperated with Quanzhou Art School, recruiting palm puppet students, Cai Me Na took the initiative to teach the students, and served as the singularity of the South Pai Bangua. The teaching.

After years of cultivation, there are more than 30 professional inheritance of the inheritance center of the Jinjiang City Puppet Art Protection Center, "90" "00" "0000", "" "" "" "" "" "

  "Non-legacy inheritance, not only to cultivate inheritors, but also cultivate audiences.

Cai Meina said.

In order to promote the puppet, the Jinjiang City palm puppet artistic protection inheritance center has carried out the "100-game puppet to enter the campus" activity. In the Jinjiang City Experimental Primary School, Jinjiang Youth Palace, etc., Cai Me Na often enters the school to teach students; Villages to carry out puppet performances and popularization promotion; with Hong Kong Huang Hui Tuanjiao Co., Ltd. jointly created inheritance base, went to the Hong Kong Establishment Institute to teach the puppet performance, should invite the Hong Kong government to visit more than 50 games; walk through the north Tour, dozens of visits to Europe, Africa and Southeast Asian countries and regions for cultural activities … More than 20 years, Cai Me Na has always been inherited and promoted in the palm of the palm.

  "As a party member on the literary front, we have a responsibility and obligation to inherit the traditional Chinese cultural art. It is well proposed. I hope that through our efforts, you can let more people pay attention, understand the puppet in the palm, let this Non-legacy art inheritance. "Cai Me Na said.

(Reporter Huang Qiongfen correspondent Lin Xiaoyan) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Wu Zhou) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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Tokyo requires 33 catering stores to stop or shorten business hours.

Tokyo requires 33 catering stores to stop or shorten business hours.

People’s Network Tokyo May 19th According to the "Dynasty News" website Released the rectification command.

If these 33 people still do not correct, they will be punished through the court. After the third time, Tokyo issued the implementation of emergency states on April 25, it is required that all food and beverage stores that provide drinks in the jurisdiction, other types of catering stores need to shorten the daily business hours to 20 points. On April 28th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government found that there were 94 catering stores that were still operating after 20 times a day, so they requested these stores or shortened business hours based on special measures. After that, some of these stores did not respond or correct. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government believes that "these stores may lead to other stores, which may lead to other stores due to increased people’s flow." So the 33 illegal stores have reached the rectification command. Business arguing, "Do not operate, you can’t live", "I have taken epidemic prevention measures". On May 17, another 27 stores were also suspended or shortened by the Tokyo Metro. Under the third emergency state, 158 stores have been required to comply with the rules of the suspension or shortening business hours. (Compilation: Xu Wenjin Review: Chen Jianjun) (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Hao).

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Sanbu: Small black fungus is rich in large industries

Sanbu: Small black fungus is rich in large industries

Into the black fungus base in Gaoping Village, Tujiang Town, Sandu Aquarium, and arranged neatly. More than 20 people in the base are shuttle between the small barrels between the colors, some pick, some carry, some sort out, and the scene is a busy scene.

Black fungus is suitable for bacteria rods every year from July to September, and in March in May, it can be harvested 4 times in the first quarter. It is obviously grown, which can avoid the ear and autumn grain crop planting season, and Gaoping Village altitude High, low temperature, black fungus becomes the best choice for local development of autumn and winter agricultural industries.

Gao Pingcun Book Wei Tian him told reporters that "We rent people’s idiopia developed black fungus this year. Demonstration of 200,000 battles in our village, total investment million, driving more than 1350 employments, driving the masses 120,000 yuan.

"Before developing black fungus planting, Gaoping Village agricultural industrial structure is single, and the villagers’ land is also thick, plus, land scattered, no scale, development is relatively lag, now, the villagers rented land to cooperatives, Not only can I get the rent, but also in the base work, winning the worker wages, and achieve "one party double receipts". "This year, the village Rent in the village is a black fungus, we have to rent, can help pick the fungus in the base, The income of 120 yuan is higher than our kind of vegetable income. "The villagers who are picking the Hardupun Village, Picking, Pan Mingying, is happy. It is understood that Gaoping Village plans to plant 3 million rods in the autumn of 2022, extension to Dam Street with placement conditions. Village, Dam Hui Village, Liujiang Village, Shangjiang Village, Madi Village, Village, Renhe Village, etc. "At present, the first batch of my bacterial rods is very good, the quality is also high, and it has been negotiated with the acquisition, and the purchase price is also ideal. "Gaoping Village Cooperative Shareholders Pan Duzu said happily.

(Yang Chengyi) (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

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