"Luoyang manufacturing" is strong

"Luoyang manufacturing" is strong

Original title: "Luoyang Manufacturing" momentum core reading As an old industrial city, Luoyang City has more than 1796 industrial enterprises, and 14 products such as lithium batteries account for more than half of the domestic market. How to speed up new and old kinetic energy conversion, build a national advanced manufacturing base? Facing the market, constantly adjusting the industrial structure; deploying innovative chains around the industrial chain, surrounding the innovative chain layout industrial chain; forming a industrial cluster, opening the international market … Today, "Luoyang Manufacturing" is moving toward high quality development.

  3 minutes of hydrocarbon, 5G + remote command, unmanned "super tractor" subverts people’s impression; 5 second positioning adjustment, mm accurate control, industrial robot sensitive scanner, help smart plants; can climb throw, can be injected 12 Rice water fog, the anti-epidemic robot "small yellow" is not small … walk into the ancient capital Luoyang, a new highlight of the manufacturing industry is fascinating, a growth curve is more eye-catching: from January to August this year, the manufacturing industry is more The contribution rate of industrial growth reached 129%.

Data indicate that "Luoyang Manufacturing" is strong.

  "Data of the stalks of the trend", from Luoyang to grab the rise of the central region, the two national strategic opportunities for the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, implement the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s work deployment, and put the high-quality development of manufacturing as the main attack direction, accelerate Promoting the construction of the sub-center city of Luoyang Zhongyuan City.

"Henan Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Li Ya, Secretary Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, said. The old industry improvement, new industries made strong manufacturing, is a" gold signboard "in Luoyang.

  As early as the "May Five" period, Luoyang is one of the 8 key construction in the country. He has produced the first batch of automotive transmission bearings in my country, the first crawler tractor. Today, "Luoyang Manufacturing" is famous. The city’s large-scale industrial enterprises reached 1796, 14 products such as lithium batteries accounted for more than half of the domestic market. The manufacturing industry is facing, and there are many challenges.

The traditional industry has high proportion, high-tech industrial increased value is low in industrial proportion, and high quality development needs to be new. How to speed up new and old kinetic energy conversion, build a national advanced manufacturing base? "We combine the market, dangerous, and combine adaptive adjustments and strategic adjustments, continuously adjust the product structure and industrial structure." Li Ya said. As a business card "Luoyang Manufacturing", Zhongxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is ahead.

At the end of last year, CITIC Heavy Industry provides a hydraulic pile hammer key forging for a sea wind power project in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Chairman Yu Zhangfa found business opportunities: my country’s hydraulic piling equipment gap is large. A forgings may extend a new industry. In the field of sea wind power equipment, Yu Zhang law is determined to "touch high".

  The company tested more than 30 employees in Zhangzhou, fought in day and night, only used for more than two months, and built the first production line.

"In January, it is put into production in April, and the order contract is present in order to pay more than 1 billion yuan, far more expensive." Yu Zhang law said. Representatives of Zhongxin Heavy Industry, Luoyang improved the "old industry", be a strong new industry, and behind it, it is a "hard core" initiative of joint enterprises, entering enterprises, Hui En-enterprises, and help enterprises. Since this year, Luoyang gathering industry improvement and other "five mentioned" actions, construction Luoyang high-end equipment manufacturing, Luoyang Rail Transit and other six industrial parks; planning to implement 441 manufacturing high-quality development projects, total investment of more than 24 million yuan; implementation 325 green, intelligent, corporate technology transformation project, total investment billion yuan.

Actively implement the "Hui Enterprise" policy, accumulate all kinds of enterprises to finance billions, and all kinds of Hui En-enterprises have reduced the burden of 100 million yuan. Industrial links, new, innovative chains see the Luoyang single crystal silicon group, product booth, silver 5 inches, 6 inches, 8-inch single crystal silicon material rod is very dazzling.

Silicon material rod, silicon polished sheet, integrated circuit … A piece of product, labeled the brilliance of this company. From the 4 to 6-inch circuit-level silicon polishing tablets, we have a ranking in the domestic market. However, there are models before, and there is a chasing troops, you must work hard, launch a charge to the peak of technology. "Zhang Junqiang, Chairman of the Group Said, 8 inches, 12-inch silicon polished slices are higher, and the research team starts from zero, measured, designed, drawing until processing, has developed more than 60 accessories, and the 8-inch single crystal silicon rod produced reaches the world’s top level.

  Deploy innovative chains around the industrial chain, Luoyang advantage is unique.

  The city has 7 national key laboratories, and the provincial and ministerial research institutes, national innovation platforms account for 1/3 of Henan Province, and the research and development investment intensity is the first in Henan. The technology research and development potential is huge.

Luoyang is transforming strong scientific research efforts into fruitful research results and real productivity.

  Wave around the innovative chain layout industry chain, Luoyang hoof is stable.

  Zhenglo New State independently innovated Luoyang District, a group of young people from colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University tried to "Luoyang Zhizhi" dream.

They gathered in the Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute Luoyang University, Advanced Manufacturing Industry R & D Base, is committed to the key technology, building a common technical platform, and launches the establishment of the national advanced rail transportation equipment innovation center and the national agricultural equipment innovation center, and focuses on robots and intelligent manufacturing. Rail transit, advanced agricultural equipment, etc., undertake 10 provincial levels or above, with 1722 companies, and reserve more than 30 convertible technical projects.

  "We add a visual system to the robot of Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group, you can quickly scan the positioning workpiece, automatically plan the cutting path; give the Yi Haijiari Group specialize in the high-level production schedule, and design a smart plant to China Aerospace Plan, one Batch products, service application prospects. "Zou Yirong, deputy director of Qingluo, said. "Introducing" added vitality, "go out" playing brand Luoyang does not follow the edge, not relying on the sea, once the excellent extension is low.

Now, the external channel continues to broaden, free trade zone, the "leader" platform "leader" platform in cross-border e-commerce collection area, and Luoyang’s attraction multiplied. High level "introduction", form a group of industrial clusters. Gree air-conditioned Luoyang base production line, compressor, motor, electrical box, four-way valve, sound insulation cotton … a working position, busy non-stop.

The robot arm is automatically turned, automatically stopped, bends a root steel pipe, turns into a pipeline four-way valve, representing the new height of "first-class automation production" in the industry. "The total investment of 3 billion yuan, the current professional air-conditioning production project in China, Luoyang, not only for the consideration of the location, but also the advantage of China’s market, the industry foundation." Zhou Riwen, deputy general manager of Gree Electric (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. After all of the projects were all produced, the annual output value is expected to reach 10 billion yuan, the annual tax is over 400 million yuan, providing more than 4,000 jobs, attracting a large number of industrial chain, downstream supporting enterprise agglomeration, by a company forming a park, driving an industrial cluster .

  High levels "go out" and open an international market.

  In August of this year, Luoyang issued the first China-Europe International container freight class and opened an international open large channel. This class sailed from Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Luang, born in Manzhou, sailing to Russia Balau.

The goods on the car are filled with a 10-section container, which is a martial tartar tractor in China.

After about 7,000 kilometers, around 20 days, the train arrived at the end, let Russian customers feel the charm of "Made in Luoyang". Integrate into the "One Belt Road", SMEs also open the new space of the international market. Luoyang Tianjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade export enterprise, exceeding 80% of products. In the first half of this year, affected by the epidemic, the company’s purchase channel is limited. The company adjusts market strategies in a timely manner, actively exploiting Russia, South Asia and other markets, the performance has reversed, and sales revenue does not fall.

  From the attracting more Middle-high-end projects, to promote high quality capacity and equipment to the world stage, the international market, the brands and technologies are played out, Luoyang is using this "engine", and promoting the manufacturing potential can jump.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).