[Fanghua blooms "her" power] Jin Fang: "Silent testimony"

[Fanghua blooms "her" power] Jin Fang: "Silent testimony"

As a female forensic doctor, in the past 22 years, Jinfang has participated in the inspection and appraisal of the corpse inspection and injury cases of all kinds of cases and various accidents in Pingding County.

Participated in the test of more than 1,600 corpses, more than 2,000 living body, more than 500 inspection evidence, and issued more than 2,600 inspection and appraisal reports, providing the correct direction for investigating cases, and providing a reliable scientific basis for conviction and punishment. He has won the title of second -level hero of the national public security system.

As the only female criminal police officer of the Interpol Brigade of the Pingding County Public Security Bureau of Yangquan City, he and male colleagues have a charge, rolling, and hard work. While doing a good job of forensic work, he also assumed the task of escorting and interrogating criminal suspects. In order to serve more effectively for investigating cases, she focused on studying, continuously tackling in the field of technical cases, and successively completed the study of "Forensic Living Body injury identification imaging", "Principles of Hematology Analysis" and "Modern Practical Forensic Medicine".

At the same time, she asked the old experts in the provincial and municipalities to consider, combining their practical experience with her own experience, and her "Boxing Injury Visual Lost Analysis", "Self -Effect and Self -immolation Coexiste", "Holding Promotion" Analysis of the papers and other analysis papers have been published and praised in publications such as the Journal of Jiangxi Public Security College and Chinese Forensic Medicine Society of Forensic Medicine Society, "" "I will go down firmly on the road of forensic doctors. If the world feels justice, I will continue to work hard; if the world feels obscure, I will also smile.

Since I am glad to accept this occupation, I will be proud of this.

"Jin Fang said.

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