Shandong: Science and Technology support, heavy punch combating online black and evil forces

Shandong: Science and Technology support, heavy punch combating online black and evil forces

Original title: Shandong: Science and Technology support, heavy punch combating network black and evil forces to sweep the black and evil work, Since the establishment of the evil work, Shandong Province has carried out centralized rectification technology support, heavy punching and fight against the network Since entering the normalization, Shandong Province will focus on key industries as the "high-end play" in the year of the new year, carry out centralized rectification actions in the field of information networks, strengthen science and technology support, heavy punching and cure industry chaos, smash Network black and evil forces.

  A few days ago, Zaozhuang City Shanting District People’s Court made a judgment in the information network field evil criminal group case, and sentenced the defendant in the crime of extortion. The defendant Ma Rui was sentenced to 11 years, and the penalty is 1 million yuan; 6 people who sentenced other defendants The month to 6 years is unequal, and the gold is penalized. The Jaozhuang City Intermediate People’s Court heard and the case was maintained.

  In June 2019, the defendant Ma Rui got illegal interests, in the network platform store, the search advertisement contained "the most" "non-toxic" "never" and other keywords and extreme words, which in turn The advertising method is made by the business to implement extortion.

In order to obtain more illegal benefits, from July to October 2019, the defendant Ma Rui will recruit the joining the defendant Jiang Zhao and others, and gradually forms the Miuli Criminal Group of Maurg as the primary molecule.

After investigation by the public security organ, the gang implemented the extortion of more than 2,000 victims in the country, and the amount reached 20,400,000 yuan.

  It is understood that the provincial public security organs will combat governance telecommunications network fraud as the top priority, increase the investigation of case investigation, and have a total of more than 10,000 cases of telecommunications network fraud, and arrested more than 10,000 suspects. At the same time, strengthen the anti-warning and anti-publicity, continuously carry out "broken card" "sweeping building" action, and 645 "two card" criminal gangs, check the bank card, and the mobile phone card.

Since May, the number of telecommunications network fraud cases has been declined for 6 months.

  For telecommunications network fraud crimes, Shandong Province build "technical defense + heart defense" model, external sets of tightening technology, "Jinzhong hood", internal emphasis on "tightening", building a warning to discourage "final line", maximum Avoid the masses to be deceived. Continuously improve the technical level, Shandong Province construction communication information fraud technology prevention platform, increase the discovery and blockage ability of reflection phones, SMS, website, and take the lead in building an information warning intelligence platform.

Improve early warning discouraged work system, research and formulate the "Code of Working Standards", Shandong Provincial Public Security Organ Telecom Network Fraud, and through the way of establishment, scientific and technological empowerment, business training, etc., promotes the professionalization, scientific and standardizing the warning to discourage work.

From January to October, the province has issued a total warning clues, successfully discourage 10,000 people, and discouraged the power%. At the same time, Shandong Province continues to increase the prevention of publicity. Organize all localities to give full play to grassroots organization advantages, enter the school, enter the community, into the village, enter the factory, enter the business super, enter the attractions, the masses to prevent the awareness and the ability to prevent continuous improvement.

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