Six-Puppet water market dispute dispute and stability investment work conference

Six-Puppet water market dispute dispute and stability investment work conference

This newspaper (Reporter Chen Yingjun) On December 11, Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Dingchao, presided over the city’s disputes and stabilized investment work meetings, and conveyed the spirit of the State Council of State Council on November 24, listening to the city’s dispute disputes and The situation of stable investment work is reported, summing up this year, and studying the deployment of next year. Yao Wei, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Shi Yao, Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, Sun Wentian, deputy mayor, Youshu, Chen Tingting, Qi Wei, and official photo. Zhang Dingchao pointed out that the current, expanding effective investment is an important role in the city’s steady growth, the dispute dispute is an important channel for playing the role of government investment, the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the municipal party committee, and the municipal government attaches great importance to steady investment And the dispute dispute work.

The various departments at all levels in the city must learn to implement the party’s 19th National Plenary Session, the Central Economic Work Conference and the 10th Plenary Session of the 12th Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee, and highly attach great importance to the spirit of "jumping into the peach" spirit. The work of the dispute disputes is greatly effective, see great results, and do everything possible to expand effective investment, and the operation is stable and improved.

Zhang Dingchao emphasizes that paying a good job of dispute disputes and stabilized investment, we must conscientiously study policies, strengthen opportunity consciousness, study and eat all macro, micro-policies, and use the policy dividends.

To actively actively dock, go all out to fight for funds, strive for projects, strive for more budget funds, local government special bonds, "four chemical" and ecological environmental protection funds.

It is necessary to focus on key service overalls, focus on developing overallities and centers, and strengthening the work of focus on competitors in key areas.

To be carefully planned to do a good job, do a deep implementation of project reserves and early work to ensure the success rate of dispute disputes.

It is necessary to actively develop innovative channels, broaden their ideas, relax their horizons, and strive for funds and project support for national sovereign external debt, state-owned enterprises issued foreign debt. To sum up experience improvement, adhere to good practices, insufficient face, comprehensive summing, improve targeted and effectiveness. We must pay close attention to project construction management, strengthen elements guarantee and service guidance, and fully promote the project as soon as possible and accelerate construction. To optimize the improvement of incentive reward, strengthen the results incentives, establish a bright orientation, and create a good atmosphere that is better than learning.

Zhang Dingchao emphasizes that the relationship between moderate advancement and strength is to focus on objective conditions and realistic needs, scientific planning projects, ensuring that it can land, see effective. To grasp the relationship between government investment and social capital, play a government investment leverage role, shaking more bank financing and social investment, and continuously optimizes investment structure. To grasp the relationship between local matching and strict control of debt, it is necessary to actively actively strive, and strictly manage, regulate behavior, and resolutely prohibit new government recessive debts. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the city, the people (SAR, district) government, the six-plate water high-tech district management committee and the relevant departments of the relevant departments attended the meeting. Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.