Put up a blue sky! Shandong 245,000 children included in key dilemma and other security

Put up a blue sky! Shandong 245,000 children included in key dilemma and other security

Original title: Put up a blue sky! Shandong Wanfang Children Includes Key Damage Children, etc. September 3, in the morning of September 3, the Leading Group of Minor Protection Work in Shandong Province held the first plenary meeting. The reporter learned from the meeting that in recent years, Shandong Province has continued to strengthen the care of minors, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors. The province’s minor protection work has achieved remarkable results. 2020 Infant mortality rates in the province and children under the age of 5 decreased to ‰, ‰, the first three years of mulch enters the garden rate reached%, 10,000 children included in the orphans, the truth, no one raised children, focusing on children, low protection , Specialty support, "two subsidies" guarantees for disabled people. According to the seventh population census nation, there are 22.23 million minors in Shandong Province, accounting for about the total population.

Do a good job in the protection of minors, it is related to the happiness of hundreds of millions of families, and it is related to sustainable development of the state. To this end, Shandong Province continues to strengthen the main responsibility of family protection, do a good job in school and social protection, strengthen the care of the group of children, and create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors.

  In terms of strengthening the subject responsibility of the family protection, Shandong Province continues to strengthen the care of the countryside left-behind children, organize the children’s regulations policy to promote the construction site, and enhance the village (residential) activities, helping the rural left-behind children’s family to enhance the monitoring consciousness and stationery; 80,000 children’s supervisors, villages (street) children’s supervisors, 800,000 villages, established village (residential) Children’s Director regularly visited the absenteners, timely understanding the situation of rural left-behind children, follow up to do well guard, spiritual care, resource link, etc. Work.

The provincial procuratorial system issued 184 supervision and supervision or otherwise supervised the supervision of the supervision of guardians in the case; 44 of the prosecution of 56, withdraw or change monitoring of monitoring, etc.

  Focus on special children’s groups, Shandong Province continues to improve their basic living standards and security levels, and continue to increase their care and protection.

At present, there are 10,000 children in Shandong Province into the orphans. There is no one to support children, focus on difficult children, low insurance, specialty support, and disabled "two subsidies" guarantee range.

Among them, institutions raise pills, social scattered orphans (including facts without people), key difficult children, the guarantee standards reached 1988 yuan per person per month, 1585 yuan, 1231 yuan; enjoy the city and rural low insurance children The guarantee standards reached 807 yuan, 625 yuan per person, 279 people in urban and rural specialty, and the guarantee standards reached 1134 yuan per month, 870 yuan; enjoy the "two subsidies" children with disabilities The guarantee standards reached 160 yuan, 141 yuan per month, respectively. This year, the provincial fiscal coordination arrangement of 3.8 billion yuan, on the basis of 2020, will increase the basic living security standards of difficult people in children, including various types of difficulties, increase 10%.

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