The accumulated power generation exceeds 28.5 billion kWh Tang Guangdong Branch fully guaranteed power supply

The accumulated power generation exceeds 28.5 billion kWh Tang Guangdong Branch fully guaranteed power supply

[] "Has the first million kilowatt generator set of China Datang Group, has the group company, the first second and hot million kilowatt generator sets in Guangdong Province, Guangdong branch must pay a good political responsibility, struggle, and fully protect electricity Supply! "At the Quarter Economic Activity Analysis, China Datang Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch blew the" full "protection of the" full "guarantee. In the face of the severe and complex energy convincing situation this year, Datang Guangdong Branch implemented the central enterprise mission and the responsibility, when the top beam column, do a good care, compact compulsiveness, full increase in production, and go all out Energy is guaranteed to "attack".

  "Manger" is guaranteed as of November 15th, Datang Guangdong Branch accumulates 100 million kilowatts, year-on-year growth. The company pays close attention to power grid load changes, resolutely obey the unified dispatch from the grid, ensuring that it is on the network block, and it has been stabilized, and it should be opened.

Accelerate the maintenance work of the unit, from shortening the unit slipping time, improve repair ticket efficiency, strict control of maintenance nodes, ensure that the defect is eliminated, the unit is started, and the external power supply is restored. At the same time, the equipment reliability inspection and hidden danger management, strengthen the quality of maintenance, continuous improvement of the quality of the unit and "dysfunction, zero abnormality, zero defect" in the "zero obstacles, zero abnormalities," At the same time, the company’s new energy enterprises have tightly seize the "golden period" of the wind and electricity, and do a good job in the maintenance operation of the wind power unit, the photovoltaic board, hidden danger investigation, and ensure that the equipment is reliable, and the generation is increased.

In October, the company’s electronic new energy company has a total of 4 single-day power generation, and the highest single-day power generation is high, and the history is high.

As of October, the accumulated power generation of Tang Qinmou Electric Station exceeded 50 million kilowatts, completed the annual power production task in advance, and green motion can push "secondary entrepreneurship". Pre-supply "口 grain" guarantees to start with autumn safety inspection, safety production special rectification, safety supervision, etc. Enhance the essential safety level, keep the energy guaranteed for the bottom line. At the same time, there are many activities such as "Safety Production Law", the publicity of the safety production law, set off the boom of the new "Safety Production Law", allowing the "big safety" atmosphere escaping energy. In terms of coal machine, Datang Guangdong Branch scientifically develops the coal market situation, expands coal supply channels, grasping the opportunity to supplement the domestic trade market coal; give full play to the port area advantages, actively communicate with relevant departments and other relevant departments, and we must improve imported coal quota. Keep against coal sources, transfer, reserves, and unload, blending and other links, formulate implementation of preservation pricing prices, clarify responsibility to people, refine coal, to ensure that coal-fired stocks meet the requirements. In terms of the combustion engine, the company fully studies the natural gas supply policy. On the basis of guaranteeing gas supply, strengthen communication with gas companies, coordinating the use of funds, and establishing a good cooperative relationship, and strive for footing of contract, ensuring the unit "rations" "adequate.

  Blooming Energy is guaranteed to "Guangdong" energy party members assault teams to carry out civilized production inspections, equipment disorders, youth assault teams for electrical joints, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, thermal auxiliary machine logic protection, etc. Found around the energy guarantee for major political tasks, Datang Guangdong Branch system, the majority of young people, the universities of the young workers, based on their own position, labor competition, innovation practice, "five small" activities, etc. for carriers, stimulate combat, "Guangdong" energy Push the red "soft strength" into the "power source" of energy confessions. Stick to the bottom line of the people’s livelihood, firm energy insurance, Datang Guangdong people use "electric stars" to guard you, warm you. (Li Dongwei).