Shenyang: This month is banned to burn straw all day after April next year.

Shenyang: This month is banned to burn straw all day after April next year.

Original title: This month, Shenyang all-day banned straw reporter was learned from the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau on October 8th, in order to protect the quality of spring and spring, from April 30 this month, Shenyang City will take more Controlled measures, banned open-air burning crop straw all day long.

In order to prevent the "one fire", 2021-2022, Shenyang City straw prohibition control, the city is consolidating and improving the four-stage straw bumps, strictly implement the district (county, city), township (town, street), Based on the village (community), group level responsibility system and "3 100%", add more management initiatives.

The reporter learned that Shenyang City will implement clear management of straw bumps, and completely eliminate incinerate hidden dangers. All kinds of farming regions have been prepared "List of Black Land Protection Projects", and the farmland in which the protected cultivation straw cannot leave the fields, the villages need to send a special person 24 hours to ensure the zero fire point. All new farmers have completely eliminate straw incineration conditions within 15 days, and to establish "2021-2022 straw incineration hidden list" to establish a list of hidden dangers for 2021-2022 straw incineration Table, the sales number management work, ensuring that the incineration hidden dangers were completely eliminated before the end of December.

At the same time, the city will effectively improve the comprehensive utilization level of straw, establish a list of straw comprehensive utilization projects, and increase straw leaves and transportation stations, and improve the comprehensive utilization of straw. According to the number of straw incinents in various agricultural areas in the past two years, Shenyang will be divided into farmers into key controlled regions (Liaozhong District, Sujiatun District, Xinmin City, Faku County) and general control area (Weinan District, Economic Development Zone, Yuhong District, Shenbei New District, Kangping County).

In the straw ban, there are no less than 5 groups of straw anti-combustion, and the whole time period is not less than 3 groups of straws per day every village. The whole-time period is inspected in the whole season, and the death and death, the city’s pollution prevention and control, the leading group office will organize straw to ban the centralized inspection, the monitoring work, ensuring "no fire". In addition, Shenyang will make full use of satellite remote sensing, drone and other scientific and technological means, strengthen the monitoring of straw fire points, and realize high precision and high efficiency of fire point prevention and control.

In the Weinan District, Sujiatun District has built a high-end infrared video aided surveillance monitoring of Tower, will establish a straw fire point monitoring and early warning emergency responsibility system, and the team and assign a special person to be responsible for tower monitoring. There is a suspected fire point to immediately report to the market pollution prevention and control Leading Group Office and organized on-site verification in the first time.

All districts and counties (cities) governments will strengthen law enforcement supervision on straw incineration, severely crack down on straw incineration behavior.

In response to the straw incineration, the inspector will immediately stop and report the land township (street), and the village grid responsible person will organize. Public security, the ecological environment will conduct a case investigation on illegal personnel.

It will also implement the daily notification system, and strengthen the assessment accountability, establish a straw incineration report system, 24-hour reception, and report to the people’s reported straw incineration firepoints immediately organize the field verification, timelyly. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.