The Party Work Committee of the East Street Street, Haicheng District: Missing "Three Films" is good part of the party history, "three-step chess"

The Party Work Committee of the East Street Street, Haicheng District: Missing "Three Films" is good part of the party history, "three-step chess"

The Party Crafts Committee of the East Street Street Street, Haicheng District, Beihai City is closely around the requirements of "learning party history, understanding, doing real things, and new bureaus", earnestly carrying out the education of party history, enhances "learning", and courage. "The tide head, keep the momentum of" dry ", and study the" three-step chess ". Enhance the strength of "learning", the party history learning education "first-hand chess" is "online + line", do a good job in "learning". Online, using WeChat public account, WeChat group equivalent, increase important information on party history learning education, online overview.

Inline, organize party members and cadres through collective learning, self-study.

The special study meeting will be carried out regularly to carry out red film into the community and enter the building. Second, "Please come in + go out" combined, innovate "learning" way.

Create a "party history lecture hall", invited professors from the Party School of Beihai Municipal Party Committee to the community, to the building, organize the party committee secretary to the community, to the streets. With the city’s red resources, organize party members and cadres to enter the "Red" theme education base to visit and learn, feel the historical culture of Beihai.

Organize the Jurisdiction of Fuyu Party Construction Alliance to the Anshi Research Base to experience the Red Army’s long march tour, build a red belief.

Courage "Strive" The tide of "striving", the party history, "Key Chess", is to fight for the people, listen to the voice of the masses. Play "There is something to tell me" the party branch role, the volunteers such as the network, the network cadres, etc. Entering the company’s opinion, open a "fast passage" for Fuyu Building Party Construction Alliance, helping more than 600 employees to vaccinate new crown vaccines; into the small district, "courtyard" council, listen to the transformation opinion, this year, these funds have been more than 2 million yuan, Solved a group of people’s livelihood issues such as unwage, road harness, and 500 people.

The second is to strive to be a mass service, and intimately serve the masses.

Continussion to solve the people’s most direct most direct and most realistic interests, complete 37 old communities, "three no" communities, urban villages, build 159 back streets, demolition of illegal buildings, iron beds about 900 Square meters, repair, renovation of drainage grooves approximately 450 meters, clean up more than 1,800 small advertisements. The third is to fight for the masses "Pepsi" and solve the problem of the masses.

With the help of "solving the supermarket" supply and demand docking platform, fully collect the resources of the Internet, the members of the Great Party Committee, the functional departments and social enterprises, and solve the problem of problems in the masses.

Since the launch of "Solving the Supermarket", 1316 people "three things" have been collected, and 1082 are solved.

Keeping "dry" momentum, the party history learning education "Maguo Shengqi" is the first "Street Lane Long System" to carry out the "star civilized household" evaluation. As the citizen Tanwood area, the Qian Tanwood area enhances the demonstration point, and take the lead in implementing the "Star Civilization Household" to launch the "Star Civilization Household" assessment, the passive participation of the masses is active, the street rectification effect is consolidated.

More than 200 civilized users have been selected, and the demonstration drove is obvious.

The second is to create a "red neighbor" functional party branch.

To create a Hongqi community as an opportunity, establish a functional "Red Neighbor" party branch, form "there is something to find red neighbor" party volunteer service team, through the model of "Community Party Committee + Community Red Neighborhood + Party Member + Building Long + Resident" Participate in community governance and community management, set the three-way window in the door of the masses. The third is to establish a volunteer service incentive mechanism.

Establishing a Volunteer Service Integration Excitation Mechanism, opening a Genesis volunteer service account in 6 communities, with the service change points, with the integration reward, and condense a group of party members, the people’s backbone, and lay down for long-term management Solid mass foundation. The fourth is to carry out the "red blue" service week action. Relying on the streets and community party members, the party members of the Communist Party of China, the "Red" power, the "red" power, the "blue" power, the young volunteers "blue", do a good job in policy propaganda, civilized account ratio, environmental maintenance. (Haiji East Street Street Party Work Committee) (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.