Rehabilitation "resident": those people

Rehabilitation "resident": those people

1 Those "事" years, many of the village cadres from "first arrival" to "resident", "with the footprints filled with soil, to deal with the poverty attack. However, there are also a few grassroots cadres to "passenger psychology", although there are not many people who are surprising. Scene 1: Who is this bed? In a village team, two single beds were placed, and the a bed is complete. There is only a mattress without bed linen, and the two bedding is new, there is no trace of living. When the reporter asked the beds in the village cadres, the two actually pointed to the same bed, and found that they were not as opposed to the change. "We sometimes change the bed", and the scene is very embarrassing. This is the scene that the reporter interviewed by a 10-minute drive from the county at night. Scene 2: The living bedroom can’t find the switch of the lamp. Niu Jie (a pseudonym) of a communication company is a resident cadre of a mountainous area.

In the interview, when the reporter made aware of the living environment of Niu Jie, he said that due to the limited conditions of the village, they lived in about 2 kilometers from the village.

In order to further confirm that poverty alleviation cadres in the county went to the township government and proposed to let Niu Jie led to see residence. The process of "walking" is not smooth. Under a "leading" of a poverty alleviation cadre, Niu Jie entered a bedroom, but the switch of the lights could not be found. He said that he lived in a few months, now I am not familiar. He also known that recently lived in the farmhouse in the township, and then the reporter found that the hotel did not open, the previously seen the bedroom was also confirmed to be a lounge of the township government cadres.

After some "farce", the poverty alleviation cadre finally "showup" from the reporter: After he took a work, the village had been piloted, and the individual had a looseness and failed to help work in the village. Scene 3: The first secretary who hid behind the computer behind the screen. In the invisibility with the follow-up visits, the reporter came to the middle and depressed poverty villages, and only the first secretary Wang Zhigang (pseudonym) was in the village.

He is a staff member of the Local Market Supervision Bureau.

When interview group inquire about the poverteilty in the village, it is basically introduced by the staff of the country, and Wang Zhi has sits in the corner, but hiding behind the computer screen. After about half an hour, Liu Guoqiang (pseudonym) served as the captain came to the Village Task Force Office.

A door, Wang Chih-kang introduced to Fangzu "This is our bureau personnel Unit, often come to the village to the countryside", after Fangzu ask "is used to come to the countryside village it is not resident", Liu Guoqiang answer "is often lower a rural, mainly here, "Wang Chih-kang and immediately corrected himself," is a resident, but the bureau shortage of staff, in the middle of what will be returning to the meeting. "

In the local feedback material to the group of inspectors wrote: Comrade Wang Zhigang in an interview with unannounced visits, due to the ideological tensions, not very comprehensive and individual situation of the village, the data so that "a clear." Wang Chih-kang township party immediately conducted a special training and education, proposed work requirements, including further go from village households to carry out the work of helping towns and villages, strictly implement the "five days and four nights’ work system and so on. 2 Change Dilemma – "two runs," "two busy," village-effects discounted. Who has been in a state-level poverty-stricken counties as village-based members of the grass-roots cadres told reporters that the provision of "full-time" towns and villages they are very clear, but some establishments are really short staffed.

He is a staff member of the county’s publicity department, due to the county propaganda activities and more heavy tasks, a limited staff, have their own "two runs." National and provincial and municipal residency team compared himself closer to the original unit, and from the village is relatively easy, the objective is "part-time" provided conditions. But the "two runs," "two busy" state can easily lead to Shen heart to no less, helping villages to affect results. Respondents village branch secretary, told reporters that the villagers work during the day, no one in the village, the village often choose to meet at night, if the village cadres do not live in the village, the village would not attend the meeting.

Reporters research found that over the past few years, the development of good industrial poverty in rural areas, village cadres are perennial squatting in the village, and the villagers wondering poverty industry, able to achieve good results.

– Avoid filling Daka "planting bonsai." Daka attendance has become an important means of many local cadres residing in the assessment. However, the reporter came across in an interview, on a village-based Task Force sign-in sheet, four village cadres turned out to be three kinds of check-in "format" appears. It was an evening of May 7, in which the two players did not sign the same day, another team member on the 4th to 7th 4 consecutive days did not sign, and the captain actually directly in the 8 "ahead sign." The village-captain immediately explained that "just talk about things we talk about relatively late, shoving the next day to sign up" and then admitted that "recent checks superiors are more hesitant to leave, but the next day a little thing, but worried rush Come". "Neither two running around, it can not only live in the village.

"Province rural revitalization Bureau official interviewed said that from tackling poverty practice, every day to stay in the village and do nothing, and can not really poor, but also to the people to heart, to understand local conditions, and village cadres together to find solutions. the official said that in the study of village cadres terms of effectiveness, have to look at the actual results, avoid punch fill in a form "bonsai plant" formalism problems.

– "young cadres do not want to come, many times older stationed." Unit 58-year-old Guo Feng (a pseudonym) where, over the past 20 years adhere to poverty alleviation in mountain districts of the Loess Plateau, while Guo Feng has five went to a local aid, towns and villages have experienced three times. He admitted that this pro-poor "marathon" the local new look, but it does exist, "the young cadres do not want to, older repeatedly entered the" problem. A county water department heads also said that, given the shortage of staff the unit, you can only send older workers. 3 rural revitalization become "champions" for the CPC Central Committee issued "on the continued residency of the first secretary and appoint task forces to focus on rural areas," residency requirement sound normalization mechanism.

Many rural Promotion Bureau said the officer, consolidate achievements expand tackling poverty, promoting rural revitalization, more needs to village cadres in the village on the basis of understanding the situation, make an inventory of existing resources, the revitalization of rural become "leaders." Sent a stressful problem for some local county-level units, stationed in some places have begun to optimize the ratio.

Director of the Central province rural villages to help revitalize the bureau said that in the past the work of helping towns and villages, the county-level units relatively heavy task, pressure, for this reason, this year the province to adjust the proportion of cadres stationed.

"Provincial and municipal levels stationed proportion increased from 30% to 50% in the past and, accordingly, reduce the proportion of county-level presence from 70% to 50%." Cadres stationed optimized ratio, one can reduce or even eliminate the cadres "two runs." "part-time" situation, on the other hand can give is helping rural bring a broader perspective, more advanced concepts and more resourceful. Not only "live" should only "help."

In formulating village cadres assessment methods, and to the times, to ensure the basic premise of discipline and attendance, timely and innovative ways to put more focus on the effectiveness of the work and performance of cadres.

For example, some northern provinces issued a special care measures under the cold winter weather, warm conditions in a limited number of villages, village-based cadres can temporarily join as a partner, as close to live in the town.

There are places using regular telephone spot checks, random village cadres to carry out Quick Answer, competitions and scoring low effort and play a supervisory role in saving.

Central Party School (National School of Administration), Professor Zhu Li Jia told reporters, promote rural revitalization is a long-term strategy, village-based cadres is one of the important part, to be more clear and improve relevant supporting institutions, incentives, so that they did with dignity , occupation hope, life can stabilize. In addition, for those who can not competent job, only to "gold-plated" going through the motions, not yet reached the body to the heart of the village cadres, should be strict accountability, instituted the recall and other systems.

Meanwhile, in a rural revitalization stage, with the industry booming, the villagers to get rich, but also to establish a mechanism to do warning education, prevent individual village cadres a "termite" village cadres.