The 14th Yupo, the 12th Pharma Expo

The 14th Yupo, the 12th Pharma Expo

Leaders and guests jointly launched the 14th SME Business Opportunity Expo (China Yulin), the 12th China (Yulin) Chinese Medicine Expo, while launching this year’s online fair.

The 14th Yuebo will continue to adhere to the theme of "SME Economy · Yulin Expo", the venue is set at the Yulin International Convention and Exhibition Center and Jiangnan Park, highlights the "four strong two districts of the four districts" in Yulin City. The new highlights, fully showcase the construction achievements of "Guangxi Private Economic Demonstration City" in Yulin City. It mainly includes manufacturing high-quality development exhibition area, light industrial revitalization display area, large health industry display area, Dongxong to sea economic display area, trade and flow industry specialty display area, county (city, district) theme pavilion and other exhibition areas.

The 12th Pharmacy will continue to adhere to the theme of "healthy and development, cooperation, win-win", and the venue is set in Yulin Yinfeng International Chinese Pharmaco and Yulin Fuda International Fragrance Trading Market, of which Yinfeng Chinese Medicine Port has highlighted "medicine" "The main related content, the Fuda Spice Trading Market highlights related content based on" spices ". The Southern Drug Expo Center in Yinfeng Chinese Medicine Port is the main exhibition area, mainly including the national famous pharmaceutical enterprises and product exhibition areas, ASEAN traditional drug exhibition area, "Gui Ten" · Taoist medicinal materials and regional characteristics of medicine exhibition area (Guangxi Chinese medicine Zhuang Yao Medicine exhibition area), "China Southern Medicine" Chinese herbal medicine planting industry, rural revitalization exhibition area, medical health equipment exhibition area.

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