Teaching Game "Machine Bird" flying to the new engineering class

Teaching Game "Machine Bird" flying to the new engineering class

"Machine Bird" interface. In the industrial-style scene, the treasure room with wisdom is full of wisdom, the gear and the mechanical arm are bound to the metal factory, which is the space of your big man; the processing safety knowledge is answered, the maze adventure, the automatic driving forklift, It is the level you want to take … and "The Ultimate BOSS" machine bird assembly restores the assembly process in the real factory with the first person’s perspective.

"Usually cold ice machine principle is in the game ‘live’, many knowledge points don’t have to die hard, and you will ‘fly’ into your brain." "After the game clearance, you will be equipped with mechanical structure I understand, as if I have participated in a fun and holy life experiment! "Many students have endless aftertaste in" players show ". This game is developed by Tianjin University Northern Digital Art Design Laboratory. Aesthetic education innovation practice in a new engineering background.

"" Machine Bird Dream "teaching game is also our own new engineering course practice project.

"One of the students of the students, Tianjin University is a secondary classmate of the Scholars’ future intelligent machine and system platform. Complex engineering knowledge points, let ‘machine bird’ become a good assistant in the new engineering class. "(Picture, video is provided by Tianjin University) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.