Trinar Puppet Inheritance Cai Meina: Let the non-protocol inheritance

Trinar Puppet Inheritance Cai Meina: Let the non-protocol inheritance

Original title: Cai Me Na: Let the non-protocol art inherit "Jinjiang Wu store, since ancient times, the food is full of street, the fragrance is more than 10 million …" Recently, the reporter walked into the Jinjiang City Pocket Puppet Art Protection Inheritance Center, Center Deputy Director, the national first-level actor Cai Me Na is rectifying the puppet "Fan".

  "婆 弄" is the traditional classic taraday of Cai Meina, in recent years. As the starring Cai Me Na, the palm of "one person is decocted two corners", through rich performance form, improve the white, etc. Explore innovation in terms of performance form.

After the repertoire is performed, it has been widely recognized and affirmed, and the CCTV New Year Drama party appeared. As the sixth generation heir in the south, the representative inheritors of Fujian Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage, Cai Me Na is always inherited, constantly innovating in the inheritance, let the palm puppets this non-native strategy.

  As a representative of the Quanzhou Municipal People’s Congress, in recent years, Cai Me Na has participated in the "About Promoting the Public Welfare Huimin Performance Project" "About Strengthening the Creation of Boutique", Strengthening Non-Hosting and Development "," About People – oriented, Strengthening Quanzhou Art Talents A series of recommendations such as cultivation. In 2020, Cai Me Na and delegates proposed to "Suggestions on Minnan Traditional Culture into Campus" were listed as a key supervisor to obtain the emphasis on the relevant departments of Quanzhou City. Quanzhou opera into the campus "activities and created the work of the Minnan Cultural Inheritance Base Schools to achieve new breakthroughs.

  In order to cultivate the subsequent talents, in 2013, Jinjiang City palm puppet artistic protection inheritance center cooperated with Quanzhou Art School, recruiting palm puppet students, Cai Me Na took the initiative to teach the students, and served as the singularity of the South Pai Bangua. The teaching.

After years of cultivation, there are more than 30 professional inheritance of the inheritance center of the Jinjiang City Puppet Art Protection Center, "90" "00" "0000", "" "" "" "" "" "

  "Non-legacy inheritance, not only to cultivate inheritors, but also cultivate audiences.

Cai Meina said.

In order to promote the puppet, the Jinjiang City palm puppet artistic protection inheritance center has carried out the "100-game puppet to enter the campus" activity. In the Jinjiang City Experimental Primary School, Jinjiang Youth Palace, etc., Cai Me Na often enters the school to teach students; Villages to carry out puppet performances and popularization promotion; with Hong Kong Huang Hui Tuanjiao Co., Ltd. jointly created inheritance base, went to the Hong Kong Establishment Institute to teach the puppet performance, should invite the Hong Kong government to visit more than 50 games; walk through the north Tour, dozens of visits to Europe, Africa and Southeast Asian countries and regions for cultural activities … More than 20 years, Cai Me Na has always been inherited and promoted in the palm of the palm.

  "As a party member on the literary front, we have a responsibility and obligation to inherit the traditional Chinese cultural art. It is well proposed. I hope that through our efforts, you can let more people pay attention, understand the puppet in the palm, let this Non-legacy art inheritance. "Cai Me Na said.

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