Sanbu: Small black fungus is rich in large industries

Sanbu: Small black fungus is rich in large industries

Into the black fungus base in Gaoping Village, Tujiang Town, Sandu Aquarium, and arranged neatly. More than 20 people in the base are shuttle between the small barrels between the colors, some pick, some carry, some sort out, and the scene is a busy scene.

Black fungus is suitable for bacteria rods every year from July to September, and in March in May, it can be harvested 4 times in the first quarter. It is obviously grown, which can avoid the ear and autumn grain crop planting season, and Gaoping Village altitude High, low temperature, black fungus becomes the best choice for local development of autumn and winter agricultural industries.

Gao Pingcun Book Wei Tian him told reporters that "We rent people’s idiopia developed black fungus this year. Demonstration of 200,000 battles in our village, total investment million, driving more than 1350 employments, driving the masses 120,000 yuan.

"Before developing black fungus planting, Gaoping Village agricultural industrial structure is single, and the villagers’ land is also thick, plus, land scattered, no scale, development is relatively lag, now, the villagers rented land to cooperatives, Not only can I get the rent, but also in the base work, winning the worker wages, and achieve "one party double receipts". "This year, the village Rent in the village is a black fungus, we have to rent, can help pick the fungus in the base, The income of 120 yuan is higher than our kind of vegetable income. "The villagers who are picking the Hardupun Village, Picking, Pan Mingying, is happy. It is understood that Gaoping Village plans to plant 3 million rods in the autumn of 2022, extension to Dam Street with placement conditions. Village, Dam Hui Village, Liujiang Village, Shangjiang Village, Madi Village, Village, Renhe Village, etc. "At present, the first batch of my bacterial rods is very good, the quality is also high, and it has been negotiated with the acquisition, and the purchase price is also ideal. "Gaoping Village Cooperative Shareholders Pan Duzu said happily.

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