The "four focuses" of the Organization Department of Leshan Municipal Party Committee implements the spirit of the eighth party congress

The "four focuses" of the Organization Department of Leshan Municipal Party Committee implements the spirit of the eighth party congress

After the eighth representative meeting of the Chinese Communist Leshan City, the Leshan Municipal Party Committee Organization Department has held a suggestion (expansion) meeting, the topic work research meeting, respecting the "345" work ideas around the party congress, in-depth thinking, The four focuses, "as the entry point, put forward the implementation of measures, in order to promote the strength of the city’s high quality development contribution.

Focus on improving political ability.

Focusing on "Adhere to the Comprehensively Strict Party ‘First, I have to promote" cast "action from politics on" "" "" "" "" Process; "four training first tests" activities such as training, special training, network training, delivery, examination, and strengthening leading cadres, develop a batch of red boutique courses, teaching lines, and carefully create a group of characteristic education base.

Focus on building an organizational system. Focusing on "Promote the comprehensive progress of the grassroots party organization, comprehensive", "strong base" "pilot" "multiplied" action, vigorously promote the grassroots, foundation, basic construction; implement grassroots party building basic work improvement plan, standardize the grassroots party building standard Do a good job in the standardized construction of the party branch; strengthen the construction of the grassroots "head geese" team, explore the "county towns" model of the village (community) party organization, cultivate "rural family can" to promote the revitalization of the country. Focus forging the ruling backbone.

Focus on "Building a High Quality Cadre" goal, the "two banners of the Municipal Party Committee" have selected the requirements, and in-depth promotion "Zhuang Bone" "Live Water" "Promotion" "Care" action, build the leadership team and cadres.

The analysis of the post-leaders analysis and judgment, with the "five-color flower training" to carry out major training for the leading cadres in the carrier to promote the success of the team. Improvement of performance evaluation methods, optimize usual assessment, special assessment, annual assessment, co-ordination with living positions and classes of parallel policies to promote development.

Focus on innovative talent. Focus on "Building a Talent Highland" goal, in-depth promotion "Jia Cai" "Le Chuang" action, constantly inspiring the innovation and creation of talents.

Revised the "Mushan City High-level Talents Special Support Measures", studying the "Introduction of Flexibility, Using Elasticity, Service Personality" in Developing Talents.

Implementing the "Jiazhou Yingcai Cultivation Plan", the field supports the training of 1,000 native outstanding talents, launching the implementation of rural talents for five years, park talent communication plan, guided people to move to key areas, key areas. (Liu Xiaoyui Ma) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.