The domestic goods hanging "fake ocean card" road will only get more and narrower

The domestic goods hanging "fake ocean card" road will only get more and narrower

Original title: China’s goods hanging "fake ocean brand" road will only get more and more narrower, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a questioner letter to Musse, mattress production enterprises. Among them, it is required to explain the foreigner of the advertisement to its basic situation and its relationship with the company’s products; if the company has propagated this person, whether it is consistent with the actual situation, whether the external propaganda independence is appropriate and whether there is false propaganda .

This triggered a discussion on the hot discussion of Music’s "Ocean" advertising and domestic brands hanging "fakes". Many consumers have always thought that Musis is a foreign brand, and the white beard in advertising is probably the founder of KFC’s grandfather.

In fact, Musi is a domestic brand founded in 2004, and the white beard is likely to be just an advertisement model.

This advertising publicity of "Ocean Elements" constitutes a deliberate misleading of consumers. Musis product pricing is high, the "brand premium" paying by consumers is more like a "set" "set".

  Obviously, it is a domestic brand, but it is necessary to use foreign elements in the company name, brand name, advertisement, etc., and packaged into a "tall" foreign brand image to deceive consumers, similar situations are not individual phenomena. In the fields of home improvement, clothing, cosmetics, infant supplies, many brands with "儿".

  The domestic brand hangs "fake cream" and try to mislead consumers. It seems that the more "foreign" is "tall". This is a marketing is not confident – it seems to hang "fake", In order to be more competitive in the market, you can sell more. In essence, this also exposes some corporate value pursuit of pursuit – a lot of effort is not spent on how to lean for high quality, not how to provide quality services to consumers with more favorable prices, but through "foreign packaging" Waiting for the marketing tool to flicker consumers to buy.

  The brand has no shortcut to go. If you want to see some world-renowned brands in the price, you must first truly "tall" in quality. If the quality is too hard, how is it not confident? Why don’t you make a "fake ocean brand" to dress the cavity? Self-improvement in China, first of all, domestic goods are confident. As long as the product is excellent, as long as the service is guaranteed, consumers will naturally be confident on domestic products. For example, Huawei, Dangnan and other domestic brands are deeply loved and sought after by consumers. Consumers are keen to pursue high-quality domestic products. There should be such a national goods in the production enterprises, and go to solidly manufacturing, innovation, rather than adopting some un molad deception, and fight the policies of the supervision policy.

We must believe that in the context of the economic "double cycle", the increasingly rational domestic consumers, the one-sided advocacy of "foreign cards" is less and less.

  Musis advertising is suspected of false propaganda, and the relevant departments should intervene in the investigation.

For some companies, the behavior of deceiving consumers is deceiving consumers in order to take advantage of the profit, and should be severely punished according to law.

Consumer Rights Protection Organization can also try to pick up legal weapons in a reminding consumers to polish their eyes, and correct the unfair marketing of enterprises through public welfare lawsuits.

When more and more Chinese brands, growth is high quality, high-quality "light", "real domestic" hanging "fake ocean card" phenomenon natural 偃.

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