Sinan "People asking Lian" makes the people smile

Sinan "People asking Lian" makes the people smile

This newspaper (Zhao Qin) "Is there a scholarship with the students above the college entrance examination this year’s college entrance examination?" "At present, we have applied for education funding funds to the help unit. The funding policy is currently being admitted to the admission. After the admission is completed, it will be unified by the admission notice. "In order to better listen to the voice, reflect the people’s appeal, respond to the masses in the actual action, July 16, Sinan County" The people are asked to know the column into the Town Town, Takashan Village.

At the event, the atmosphere is tight, and the issues are raised to develop production. Small to daily life trivia, the enthusiasm of the masses is like a rising sun, more and more powerful, answer the cadres of the Congress, agreed to answer each mass The problem, got an applause of the masses, and the observation also gave "smile" to satisfy. In recent years, the Sinan County Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Organs have walked into the rural, project, industry line together, with the "question" "answer", "the title", "the title", "the title", the "question", "the title" Activity, face-to-face understanding of the people’s appeal, inverting the relevant units to perform their duties, enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security.

"Next, according to the problems of the masses, strengthen tracking supervision, supervise the various units of all units to" family ", to trust the people ‘book’, to make the people’s things" to ensure the hotspots of the masses The problem is effectively solved, enhances the sense of gain, happiness.

"The relevant person in charge of the Sinan County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said. Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.