Shaoxing Zhuji to help promote growth enterprises "long and strong"

Shaoxing Zhuji to help promote growth enterprises "long and strong"

  Before the National Day, the assembly workshop of Zhejiang Xinsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is busy. More than 10 Taiwan Super High Speed ??Embroidery is doing the functional test before the factory, and it will be sent to India, Pakistan, Turkey after the test is completed. "After continuous improvement, the speed of this ultra-high speed embroidery machine can be stable for a long time in 1500 revolutions, and the efficiency is about 20% higher than the ordinary embroidery machine.

"Deputy General manager of the company, told reporters to report by this industry, the company was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a special new focus" small giant "enterprise, and got a national special support reward of 1.9 million yuan for some time.

  In the embroidery machine manufacturing industry, it is of great significance to 20% of the improvement results.

According to Jiang Hui, the company spent more than 3 years, and the annual investment of a modular high-speed motor project was investigated, and finally found a breakthrough. In Shaoxing, many companies are the same as "Sheng Sheng Technology", have passed technology innovation over the years, from small to large, from specialty, growing into "small giants" enterprises.

  In recent years, Zhuji is striving to raise strong, vigorously implement the enterprise gradient cultivation plan, deepen the digital lead, strengthen innovation orientation, optimize the cultivation system, and promote the development path of "special refinement" development in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Up to now, Zhuji has cultivated 4 national specialty new "small giants" enterprises, 1 Eagle Enterprise, 4 single champion enterprises (product), 19 provincial invisit champion cultivated enterprises, and constructing enterprises Develop a new pattern.

  In order to better achieve the fusion breakout, this year, Zhuji City has also solidly promoted the provincial manufacturing high-quality development demonstration counties and cities, focus on the six major industries, selecting a group of lead backbone enterprises, laying the "industrial brain", and cultivated "super factory ", Promoting the formation of newly-building enterprises in the" future factory "as the leadership, intelligent factory. At the same time, accelerate the digital green service transformation of the traditional industries such as socks, pearls, copper processing, 28 new digital workshops, 319 industrial robots, and over-cloud enterprises exceeded 8300, the stockings industry cluster new language pilot, pearl industry Develop innovative demonstration construction is included in the provincial list.

  In July of this year, Zhuji City has introduced a high-growth support policy of manufacturing high-growth enterprises, increasing the cultivation of specializing in the new enterprises, and identifying the provincial "Eagle Action" cultivation enterprises, national-level manufacturing Single item champion enterprise (product), national specializing special new "small giant" enterprise, provincial invisible champion enterprise, respectively give a one-time 2 million yuan reward.

  At the moment, Zhuji is working hard to improve the dynamic cultivation library of new specialty new enterprises to form a batch of innovative capabilities, the development potential, and the performance of excellent performance, the growth champion, and the founding of the new army. "We will have a good care of the manufacturing high-growth enterprises in terms of listing, high-efficiency docking, management assignment, digital consultation diagnosis, etc.

"The relevant person in charge of Zhuji City Economic and Information Bureau said.

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