Sanya is developed to develop Nansheng Industry to help village

Sanya is developed to develop Nansheng Industry to help village

Original title: "Miao" Painted New Blueprint "Education" out of the new finance road early morning, although the outdoor is slightly cold, the Sanya Sanya Ecological District is subject to the village winter melon seedlings in the village. Inside, waiting for grafted pumpkin seedlings, long in a black seedlings, exceptional "spirit". The villagers, Zhou Enhua and friends have been busy in the shed. Zhou En-rushing box is equipped with green onion green phymoy, waiting for her to marry it to pumpkin seedlings.

From the seedling to the sale, 25 days of growth, these seedlings can be supplied to the polka seedlings that can be supplied to the provinces in the province.

"Working 8 hours a day, can earn 130 yuan, can also learn the door craft, the doorstep is particularly convenient." Zhou En said.

The village is located in the east of Sanya. The climate is pleasant. It is a minority village of Li people and Miao. It is also one of the key villages of Lucheng to consolidate the poverty and promotion of rural revitalization. How to develop industries for the development of local conditions, driving the villagers to get rich, all parties It is highly concerned. "Sanya and surrounding counties have increased year by year by year by year, and there is a long-term existence of seedlings.

"Sanya City Agricultural Rural Bureau, Ke City Model Base + Farmers "model, create a nutritious industrial brand, develop and strengthen village collective industries, promote agricultural income.

Then the village winter melon seedling base covers an area of ??about 10 mu, mainly based on the phosphor seedlings, plans to plant 2 batch seedlings this year, and the annual production of high-quality seedling is expected to reach 1.1 million yuan, the output value is about 1.1 million yuan, The area covers several areas such as Sanya, Tianya District, Yazhou District and Wuzhan City. "At present, the base has produced 1 million seedlings. The profits of each plant are about 20,000 yuan.

"The Director Su Yonghui, director of the Village Party Committee and Village Committee, revealed that the village held research institutions to study the model seedlings, seedling operation techniques, seedlings management methods and fertilized integrated management technology during cultivation, and establish new varieties to plant demonstration bases and intensive Seedlings demonstration base, regularly carry out grafted vaccination theory and on-site exercise technology training, cultivating local villagers a new type of agricultural technician, and 30 villagers have employed in base, explore the development of the village collective industry development.

Today, the village winter melon seedling base is not only a new platform for local villagers, but also attracts a number of Nanxun "migratory birds", from Guangxi Liang Yanlian is one of them.

Pick up the knife, Liang Yanlian is obliquely cut in the top of the pumpkin seedlings, and quickly married the embarrassment of the embarrassment of the phytoes are fixed.

Because of the skilled worker, she can complete 3,000 seedling mission a day, and grafting a seedlings can be obtained by marrying a seedling of a seedling.

"In October This year, we will work with this base, with a day income of 240 yuan, ready to go to the end of the year.

"Liang Yanlian revealed that work in the base can fully play its own melon grafting technology advantage, not only has a guarantee, but also work a comfortable and happy working environment. A 70-straen of south melon seedlings in a seedlian basin, in the hands of Liang Yanlian, less than 10 minutes After completing grafting. In the same area, 4 people also knew the fine life of grafting seedlings in an orderly manner, and the seedlings were filled with the work atmosphere than the priority.

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