Use more excellent literary works to condense the strength (exhibition style paintings Huazhang)

Use more excellent literary works to condense the strength (exhibition style paintings Huazhang)

  The root of the people will obtain the creation of Pan Lu Sheng (Chairman of the China Folk Literary and Artists Association) as a communist party member, a literary staff, I listened to the important speech at General Secretary Xi Jinping at celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, deeply experienced The people are the creation of history, the people are the source of our strength. Literary and art workers have to take root to live in the territory and the people are people.

How many soils are dipped on the feet, how many truths in the heart, only from life, from the works of the people can truly receive the people’s favorite. I remember that in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, we invited folk paper-cut and face-plastic artists to create, and the gossip of the northern Shaanxi, and the live plastic works of the lives are warm.

The folk artist’s handsome is full of enthusiasm from the people from the people.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have conducted research on a series of farmers and paintings. The peasant painted family painted the beauty of the pastoral and farmhouse, green water Qingshan and rural resulted, and the work is particularly clear. The experience of field research made me deeply realized that the happiness of the people and the kind of emotion of the lungs, simple, and only in-depth rural fields, in-depths of households, can also get the most authentic feelings; and only really feel, In order to truly understand the connotation and charm of folk arts, truly understand the people’s hard work and enrichment of life. For decades, whether it is to create a military museum, a homesick memory exhibition is held, or the integration of civil art, local culture into contemporary design or academic research is inseparable from the inheritance and development of folk literature, and its purpose is simplicity. The folk cultural and art enhance the happiness of the people, the feeling of good life, and the sense of identity of Chinese culture.

  The development of folk literature, related to the cultural creation of the people, the expression of the emotional memory of the people, the relationship between the land of the countryside. Our literary workers should close to the rural field, maintain the simplicity of life, and maintain a firm cultural confidence and cultural consciousness in the process of globalization, modernization, and put their heart and emotional bets in the cultural cause of the people. Folk literature and art fire. General Secretary Xi Jinping (the Dean of China, China Drama), General Secretary Xi Jinping, was pointed out in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "We must use historical refers to the future, from the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle It is clear that we can succeed in the past, and how can we continue to succeed in the future, thus more firm and consciously remember in the new journey, and create a better future.

"The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has always heard my heart, promoting the mission of the new era of literary and art workers, positions and directions, also prompted me to re-examine the creation experience in recent years, deepening the understanding of the mission of literary creation for the new era. In recent years, the National Theater is jointly established by the Central Radio and TV Station. He has launched a large-scale cultural program "China" and "China’s China", and puts the deeds of the national outstanding Communist Party Huang Wenxiu on the stage, creating national opera " On the poverty alleviation road, "the deep participation in the" great journey "in the deep situation … We continued to push the drama from the" small theater "to the" big stage ", in order to make a song in the times, deepen the artistic practice of the people, deepen the understanding, expand it. The artistic power of the drama.

  During his career in the past 20 years, although I have been with the people on the stage with the tragic, my life, but I have never been like these years, the harvest of such a strong soul and spiritual baptism. In realistic creation, we learned a revolutionary martyrs, the temper of the times, and the awe of the times, and once again used the stage as the entrance, along the historical long river, let the audience, especially young audiences Understand who we are, wherever you come, where is it going. Self-recognition in the depths of a national heart is inseparable from the back of history and interpretation.

With the creation of history, let us stand in front of the trendy art treasure house. Whenever we move your own characters and stories to the public, the vast audience, especially young friends, give us the feedback warmly beyond imagination. Jiang Jie, Jiao Yulu, "Two Marks" Yuan Xun, Zhongnan Mountain and other intense, model, becoming a very fascinating idol in the heart of the contemporary. Such encouragement makes us full of strength. Art is the horn of the times, and is the torch of the national spirit. In the "14th Five-Year Plan", the new journey of Struggle, our literary workers should be more urgent and confident in the literary continuation, reflecting the era, with more boutique to feed back the society, return the people! Deyi Shuangxin is a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party this year.

In this 100 years, China has continuously emerged with outstanding Communist Party members and hero models with people "fight hard".

I respect these English characters from my heart, I want to show their spiritual realm through my performance. This is a big relationship with the cultivation of the troops cultivated. When I was young, I was performed in the Guangzhou Military Warrior Wencong Troupe "a fire" performance team, all year round.

In the island, in the border defense, the first-line officers and men have long been stationary, their dedication has deeply influence my worldview, outlook on life, and values. As an actor, Deyi Shuangxin is a pursuit of life and creates the foundation for the people.

Since the participation of TV series "Nie Rongzhen", since the film "Decisive moment", I have played the party’s leaders, ordinary party members, and English characters. The film "college counselor" is a model of the times in the times, teachers Qu Jianwu as prototype. Now I am taking the new movie "Steel Will", playing "the most beautiful struggle" "blast furnace guard" Mendai.

From these characters, I learned a lot. It is the matter of me in the intention of these characters through roles.

  Not long ago, I gave a young actor. I said, I played Li Baoguo in the movie "Li Baoguo", and the most deepest is his life choice. Li Baoguo can get rich in his own body, but he chooses to take the people in the old area of ??the Taihang Mountain Revolution.

I played a big national craftsman Li Yunhe in the movie "I’m", "the" 原 工 工 "is committed to the spirit of mural repair. Now his grandson is also engaged in this job.

More than 30 participants under the stage heard the blood boiling.

  "The future belongs to youth, I hope to send youth." Every time I finished the class, some people said to me: I have heard such a class early! Now, more and more young literary workers are involved in the main melody literary creation. "That" "Awakening the age" "Ideal shines on China" … it is good to see the face of youth everywhere.

After the work is released, more young people actively learn the history of the 100th year. Party members in the literary world are also young.

Some young actors have become a preparatory party member during the 100th year of the party.

Our old blue three generations should be screwed into a rope, continue to coincide with the excellent literary work, not negative, not loaded! Sourceph "Style =" Display: None ">.