TV drama "Xia Guang" 丽娅 in reverse the alternative female hero

TV drama "Xia Guang" 丽娅 in reverse the alternative female hero

Original title: Julia overturned the alternative female hero spy battle drama "Xia Guang" is broadcast in CCTV. In the drama, Julia played the heroine high-gravel is a strong bloody "old revolution", but this figure does not have a cured image of the revolutionary hero, but is full of joy, "" and the shortcomings of ordinary characters. It is a "small person" in the drama in the drama.

"Xia Guang" is based on the "special liberation area" in the "Special Liberation Area" in the War of Liberation in 1945, telling the master’s public high and the Sujiazhuang and others, in order to achieve a common revolutionary goal, and devoted to the story of the cruel to the enemy struggle. .

At first glance, "Xia Guang" and the past revolutionary historical title drama were no two, but its humorous and humorous and narrative narrative approach is an important reason for Julia to meet this work. "This is a anti-swift, comedy The structure of the structure, compared to the same work, it focuses on the popularity of the party’s love and loyalty, ordinary and fresh, vividly showcase the thrill of the harassment that happened to the small people. "" Xia Guang "with comedy The outer casing wrapped in the core of the positive drama, while complementing the ordinary life and meticulous emotions.

Julia said, "It gives me the biggest freshness is that the characters in the inside are very grounded." The high-rise glow in the play, the legend and the gods of the whole, but also the "" "" "" One, still "hate".

She always hung up my meal, and even fell in love with a speech, I was reported everywhere; although the characters had a rich experience in revolutionary struggle, but in their lives, they often show the impulse.

It is these finely broken "imperfect", and they are spagged together.

"She is very three-dimensional, mainly from her mass characteristics, there are both ‘old revolution’, the alert, facing the enemy has their own judgment, will occasionally in life, it is a lot of reading, but there is own Small wisdom. "In Julia, high-rise climach is like a neighbor girl who can see everywhere in life." She is actually a ‘atmosphere in the play’, from not discouragement, never complaining, full of enthusiasm for revolutionary, always What can be actively doing.

And her memory is particularly good, like a ‘setup pill’, let the teammates trust.

"The jealousy of the audience is soft, it seems that it is not similar to the big, the wind and fire, but in Julia’s view, Gao Daxia’s straightness is cool and unspecified.

"She is gallbladder, willing to try, do not be arrested, encounter difficulties in the first time to find solutions These features and I am still very like." In "Xiaguang" director Mao Weining, Julia is a high-level candidate. "At that time, I jumped out of my mind was Julia.

After taking the "ordinary world", we have no cooperation, but often meet frequently, I can feel the coolness of the ethnic minority, like a child’s character, very close to Gao Da, so I I really hope that she can try it.

"Before starting shooting, Mao Weining has repeatedly discussed the role and Julia. He asked Li Lijia to throw all the" idol bag ", exit, and tensile acts, to interpret the axis of Gao Daxia, stand, straight, and tiger.

"This kind of shape is to break through yourself, I think Julia did it.

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