Shandong Binzhou: Marine industry is improved to enter "Expressway"

Shandong Binzhou: Marine industry is improved to enter "Expressway"

  Shandong Province, Binzhou City, the sea, located in the governance belt of the river, ocean and land, coastline long miles, more than 800 marine creatures; 29 kinds of mineral resources such as salt halide, oil and gas have been proved, and it is the second largest sea salt in Shandong Province. Base … The ocean is both a natural resource endowment and an important support for high quality development.

  In recent years, Binzhou has fully promoted the construction of ocean strong market, the modern marine industrial system accelerated, marine fisheries, marine chemical and other traditional industries, the emerging industries such as seawater, marine high-end equipment manufacturing are constantly growing, marine industry improvement and saving "Expressway".

  Shandong is one of the serious lack of water in northern my country, and the shortage of freshwater resources is the basic constraints of Shandong ‘s economic and social development. In Binzhou, seawater fell, bripradive brobs realized "one water". The city vigorously develops seawater dilution and comprehensive utilization industries, and filters seawater processing, produces industrial pure water and concentrated salts, briquetted brosils, and bribe bribes, and puts the seawater "eat dry." Into the Lu Bei Bishi water source seawater in Lubei High-tech Development Zone, Binzhou City, seawater dilaty workshop, pretreatment workshop, product workshop, substation, integrated office building and other architectural dismissions. During the downtown workshop, a row of seawater dilution equipment and instruments are reflected in eye curtains, and technicians are graining debugging equipment.

  According to reports, in 2017, Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Corporation United Beijing Bishui Source Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture established Shandong Lu Peilong Water Source Seawater Digest Co., Ltd. The project is the key project of Shandong Province "New Old Dynamic Conversion", planning covers an area of ??77 acres, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, planning a total of 150,000 tons / day seawater desalination project. The first phase of the project has been built, and the Nissan 50,000 tons of sea water is desalized.

  "It is expensive to use water, and use water difficulties is the development problem facing many companies, especially in the Lubei area, freshwater resources, and less per capita. Although there is a water conservancy project such as’ South Water North Temple ” ‘引 Yellow Jiqing’, these water use costs high.

Xu Kai, the head of the project, General Manager of Shandong Rubishi Water Source Severe Duel Co., Ltd., said that in recent years, enterprises in the park have increasing the demand for freshwater resources. After comprehensive research, the seawater is desalinated to solve the problem of water supply for enterprises. Xu Kai Forget an account: "The general water purification plant mainly rely on pure water used by freshwater resources, about 2 tons of fresh water, can produce 1 ton of pure water, and consumes tons of fresh water to produce 1 ton of pure water during winter.

To build a water treatment plant, Nissan 50,000 tons for example, it consumes about 10 million tons of freshwater resources every day. The desalination project a project on the scale of production of 50,000 tons of water desalination, for the park every day to save 100,000 tons of fresh water resources, which can effectively relieve water pressure parks, conservation of freshwater resources consumption, reduce secondary pollution, comprehensive benefits are considerable.

"Desalination technology involves various technical fields of marine science, new materials, information technology, chemical, scientific and technological innovation for clean water sources in northern Shandong desalination projects of great significance. Xu Kai introduction, Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. has a number of desalination technology patents , including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ultra low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane, and the membrane bioreactor, the new two-film process water, sewage purification intelligent integration system, the clean water source may be a desalination projects LuBei provide a solid technical support. desalination and comprehensive utilization of industrial part of the marine strategic emerging industries, long industrial chain, pulling effect is obvious.

After the project is put into northern Shandong Origin Water desalination, water desalination process produces not only for production, can also be used to raise bromine, salt. "Desalination process, not only capable of producing pure water, will generate ultra-high concentration of brine." Xu Kai said the company by a technical process to achieve a "secondary usage" of brine. "Through the early and ultrafiltration pretreatment process, the impurity concentration of the brine generated by the project we had very less. There are many local salt works, we will use brine transport pipeline in the past, for the salt works directly mention bromine, salt, salt can not only save time, increase the salt production, but also improve the quality of salt.

"To promote the localization of marine hose Zhong Hai hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Binzhou Wudi County, seem obscure, but the company independent research and development of marine hose products they sell well at home and abroad. The company went into production plant, workers are operating device busy rush of marine hose inner material. hose manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager of Zhong Hai Tang Guangsheng introduced, the company was founded in 2008, mainly engaged in subsea oil, gas, water hoses and other R & D, design and manufacturing .

  Undersea pipeline offshore oil and gas fields known as the "lifeline", plays an important role in the development of offshore oil and gas resources.

Marine hose is a pipeline, due to the excellent dynamic performance, corrosion resistance and ease of installation laying, recycling, etc., it is widely used in the construction of oil and gas offshore development. However, over the years of manufacturing marine hose core technology has been mastered by foreign companies.

  Why marine hose difficult? Tang Guangsheng said that the complex structure of marine hose, high material requirements, the difficulty of making large.

"Our products are mainly for the offshore oil and gas development projects gas, water, oil.

Because each project is different transport things, product performance requirements are also different, so each section of marine hose is custom, the inner diameter from 2 inches to ten inches.

Our products are starting from water, and further development of oil, gas, through continuous optimization of the production process to ensure product foolproof.

"In 2010, Hai Zhong Hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has made a major technological breakthrough: the company’s marine hose products successfully used in my country’s South China Sea oil and gas development projects, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology companies to promote high-end marine hose products the localization process.

  In recent years, Zhong Hai Hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invested heavily in technological innovation and R & D, only investment in laboratory and test equipment to more than 20 million yuan, setting up an experimental center of marine hose material and prototype testing workshop, purchase of experiments and test equipment over 100 Taiwan (sets), has made China Classification Society, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas and other management system certification. Today, the sea Hose Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhong also tasted the scientific and technological innovation "sweetness." The company’s products are widely used in the South my country Sea, East China Sea and other offshore oil and gas development projects and exported to Venezuela, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Enabling the development of science and technology industry development Haizhong Hose Manufacturing Co. Binzhou only vivid microcosm of technology and innovation enabling marine equipment and marine chemical industry. In recent years, Binzhou City, compiled issued a "Guide to the development of marine equipment industry", "Chemical Industry Development Guide" of new materials, and gradually formed a business-oriented, market-oriented technological innovation system combining production and research, marine engineering equipment , make up the marine chemical industry chain, strong chain, extended chain clear path and direction. Marine engineering equipment, Binzhou cultivate a loyal hose sea, wind and other countries creators backbone enterprises, products covered by pipeline, marine composite hose, large-scale wind power castings, cleaning machinery, petroleum machinery parts, marine hardware. 2020 Binzhou marine engineering equipment main business income of 6.3 billion yuan, January 2021 to July Binzhou focus on marine engineering equipment manufacturing enterprise value billion. Marine chemical industry, chemical Binzhou able to cultivate a margin, the Thai group, Lubei Chemical, Marina Mandarin new materials and other key enterprises, products include electronic chemicals, ethylene dichloride, titanium dioxide, surfactants.

This year, relying on Binzhou Bohai Institute of Advanced Technology, the technological advantages of the Yellow Sea Institute of Science and Technology Branch and other platforms, to increase efforts to attract the project, and actively promote the marine chemical industry to new materials, new energy industry restructuring and upgrading.

  Future, Binzhou will continue to promote marine engineering equipment, ocean development of chemical industry, the industry standard for advanced level, to promote the industry value chain extends to high-end, in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, speed up new momentum of old and new converts kinetic energy burst out.

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